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Photograph: Shutterstock / yakub88

Madonna justifies her love for Montreal’s most iconic dish

During a performance at the Bell Centre, Madonna asked the crowd about one of the city’s most cherished foods.

Written by
Laura Osborne

Sounds like when it comes to poutine, Madonna was like a virgin until recently.

Montreal is known for our iconic food, especially when it comes to bagels, smoked meat and, yes, poutine (our ranked list here).

Joe Jonas and Dave Grohl have recently put our burgers in the spotlight, while Dua Lipa has shown some love for our bagels—and Drake for our dive bars. Eating some of Montreal's best cheap eats is one of our favourite things to do in Montreal.

Photograph: Alison Slattery | Tourisme Montréal

It was only a matter of time before someone put poutine on centre stage.

During a live performance at the Bell Centre—next door to the coolest winter terrasse in the city—Madonna did just that.

Asking the audience what poutine was, she handed the microphone to a fan where she got her answer: “French fries, with cheese and gravy...OK…,” she mused, while the audience erupted.

When the diva replied: “Well I’m glad I don’t live here because I’d eat it every day,” the crowd went wild.

La Binerie Mont-Royal
Photograph: Alison Slattery

Hopefully she will come back for the 12th edition of La Poutine Week (February 1-7), where hundreds of thousands of participants across the country create the most original, delicious poutine around—including Time Out Market Montréal, just steps from the Bell Centre.

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