Ryan Reynolds spotted in Montreal's Village for exotic film shooting

Montreal is being transformed into retro California with palm trees, vintage cars and celebrity sightings.

Laura Osborne
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Laura Osborne
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Ryan Reynolds
Photograph: Shutterstock / Lev Radin

First it was his wife, Blakey Lively, who was recently seen falling in love with some of Mile End’s best coffee and donuts.

Now Ryan Reynolds, Canadian actor and producer, is in Montreal shooting a new film called Mayday in the Village.

One of the most significant LGBTQ+ neighbourhoods in North America, the Village is a hub of diversity and inclusivity.

Photograph: Eva Blue

It is a vibrant urban mix that blends the LGBTQ+ and heterosexual communities, and is renowned for its epic nightlife and excellent restaurants.

Photograph: Eva Blue

Filled with cozy bed-and-breakfasts housed in century-old buildings, specialty stores, cafés and bars, it’s non-stop excitement along Sainte-Catherine Street stretching east to west near the Beaudry metro station.

Beaudry Station / Gay Village
Photograph: Tourisme Québec, Linda Turgeon

In recent days, the Village has been transformed into retro San Diego, California—the backdrop for the movie Mayday starring Reynolds.

Look for the palm trees, vintage cars and old-school storefronts between Panet and Visitation streets, where you may catch a glimpse of the Deadpool star in a naval officer’s uniform.

It’s been said that Ryan and Blake always travel together when one of the two is shooting a movie. 

Montreal’s Gay Village
Photograph: Shutterstock

If that’s the case, Blake, please get yourself to Homer’s donuts in NDG for your sweet tooth fix, or to grab some of the city’s best bread and croissants from bakeries like La Meunerie Urbaine or Patisserie Nancy.

And don't miss the brilliant coffee from neighbourhood spots like Melk and Café de Mercanti, just to name a few.

Homers Boîte à Beignes
Photograph: Homers Boîte à Beignes

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