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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Runs With Scissors

16 moments that anyone who's ridden the subway hungover will relate to

By Time Out contributors

Time Out’s first-ever City Index had a lot of fascinating takeaways about what life is like in cities all over the globe. One, not entirely surprising one, was that New Yorkers are no strangers to debilitating hangovers. Even though we may be the most likely to call out of work after a night of heavy drinking, for those that still manage to commute to work in the morning, here are some moments which will probably feel familiar. 

1. When you chug a Gatorade from a subway bodega like you’ve been wandering through a desert for weeks and just stumbled on a magical oasis.

2. Letting five trains pass before one comes with empty seats.

3. Missing your stop.

4. That split second when you decide whether it’s better for you to throw up in a trash can or on the subway tracks.

5. Realizing you’ve just been extremely invested in one of those Subway Poetry posters for the last five minutes.

6. When you fall asleep.

7. When you put on headphones, but don’t actually play any music because it’ll give you a headache and you just can’t deal right now.

8. Trying to work through your foggy mind to come up with a plausible reason why you’re thirty minutes late for work.

9. When you get to the subway platform but then decide to just turn around and walk 20 blocks instead because the thought of a moving vehicle makes you too queasy.

10. Breaking the “no food on the subway” rule because if you don’t eat these McDonald’s French fries right now, you will literally die.

11. Staring down a subway performer with the fire of a thousand suns.

12. Finding out that the most awkward part of your one-night stand—by far—is having to make eye contact with the guy as you both ride the same train in the morning.

13. Attempting to break the eye contact you’ve been making with a stranger as casually as possible.

14. Leaning on the pole like it’s your Siamese twin.

15. Looking at your phone’s blank screen for multiple stops in a misguided attempt to appear as normal as everyone else on the train.

16. Wishing you could just stay on the goddamn train because the sun outside is a million times worse.


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