17 things all New Yorkers can agree on

Written by
Jillian Anthony
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/MTA

New Yorkers speak different languages, wear different styles and live in many different kinds of neighborhoods, but there's still some things we all find common ground on. Here's some of the things about living in this city we can all get behind (or hate) together.

All New Yorkers can agree that:

1. The rent is too damn high

2. The L train shutdown is unconstitutional.

3. There are way too many freaking rats.

4. We all hate Trump (well, except Staten Island).

5. The Times Square cartoon characters are creepy as hell.

6. We prefer to be .5 miles away from Times Square at any given time.

7. Slow walkers make us murderously angry.

8. Selfie sticks should be banned.

9. Large families of tourists all walking in a horizontal line should also be banned.

10. If we have an out-of-town distant friend or family member message us on Facebook to ask "What should I do when I visit New York?!" one more time...

11. People who upstream for taxis deserve really awful things to happen to them.

12. We'd rather run into our ex every day on the subway platform than have bedbugs.

13. It's not okay for two "It's showtime!" acts to perform on the same subway ride. Just because the train is delayed doesn't make it cool!

14. Google maps is wayyy better for getting around the city than Apple maps.

15. Tables at restaurants are way too close together! I don't need to hear every detail of this first date conversation! (Okay, secretly, we love it.)

16. Cash only is the worst!

17. There should be 100% less poop on the streets.

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