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18 lies all New Yorkers tell their parents

Written by
Time Out New York editors
  1. “No, I never take the train past 10pm by myself.”
  2. "Of course I quit smoking! Nobody smokes anymore."

  3. “No, I don’t live anywhere near/ever go near the place that that shooting/stabbing/bombing you saw on the news took place."

  4. “Yes, I wear that Fit Bit you got me all the time.”

  5. “I don’t go to happy hour that often…”

  6. "No, I never drink wine when I'm taking Xanax."

  7. "No, I would never try cocaine! This isn't the '80s."
  8. "Of course I have renter’s insurance!"

  9. “Yes, I made sure the air conditioner was stabilized so it won’t fall out the window and crush somebody."

  10. “Yeah, mass was great.” 

  11. “Yeah, I cook every night. I almost never eat out or order in."

  12. "Oh Central Park is super well lit at night, it's totally safe!"
  13. "Yes, I carry the pepper spray you bought me absolutely everywhere."

  14. "Sorry for not calling you back! My phone’s been dead all day!"

  15. "Honestly, most of my money just goes towards groceries."

  16. "I don’t even go out that much."
  17. "I'm probably just going to spend a quiet night in watching a movie."

  18. "Yes, my 401K is set up and I save every month!"

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