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19 Instagrams that every New Yorker has posted at least once

By Tolly Wright

New Yorkers may pride themselves on their individuality, but there are some aspects of this city that we can all agree are pretty amazing. Whether you're on on an amazing rooftop bar, hanging out in one of New York's most scenic parks or just have a great view of the skyline—chances are high that you've probably taken these pictures.

1. That perfect brunch

Everything a Sunday brunch should be 😍😍😍

A post shared by Two Hands (@twohandsnyc) on

2. Amazing street art they just "happened" to stumble upon

3. The view of the city from a boat

Destination #5borobiketour on the #statenislandferry #manhattan

A post shared by Paul Zachman (@p.zachman) on

4. The view from an iconic building

5. The view from a cool rooftop bar 

6. The view from their own roof

7. Proof they’ve tried the latest wild food trend

8. Picnic Time (especially with food bought from nearby shops)

Bouffe a l'américaine. #centralpark #nyc

A post shared by Pow (@superpow) on

9. A well-known Coney Island attraction

When you feel smaller than ever..😱#wonderwheel #coneyisland #lunapark #ferriswheel #amusementpark

A post shared by Heidi Bledsoe (@heidib333) on

10. The hammocks on Governors Island

i swear this was a candid photo before i asked someone to take it.

A post shared by Christine / Yoonmi / 윤미 (@eeyoonmi) on

11. The Trader Joe’s line 

12. A twinsie pic with a statue

13. A brag post with exclusive Broadway tickets

Still can't believe this happened! Thank you #hamiltonlottery ❤#hamiltonmusical #theroomwhereithappens

A post shared by Annes Kim (@anneskim06) on

14. A brag post outside an iconic venue

15. A brag post about how they saw flowers on a weekday

spring come back 🙏😫 📸 @shelbyeastman

A post shared by alyssa coscarelli (@alyssainthecity) on

16. A shot from the must-see art exhibit of the moment

Macchia Forest #chihuly #bronx #ny #chihulynybg #chihulyglass

A post shared by K (@kimmielovesyouboo) on

17. A very artsy shot of a skyscraper

18. A very artsy shot of Central Park


19. And, no matter how much they complain about Times Square, it always wins them over for at least one magical pic.

A post shared by Can Temiz (@baycantemiz) on


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