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A Prospect Park swan is missing—WAS IT MURDERED?

Written by
Clayton Guse

A bloody, feather-filled scene has led wildlife activists to believe that someone deliberately killed a swan in Prospect Park last month. 

A post on the Facebook page for W.I.L.D. for Prospect Park shows pictures of a bloodstained patch of dirt covered in loose feathers. A member of the organization came across the scene on July 8, according to the post, which was near a makeshift encampment filled with beer cans and broken glass. At first, it was thought to be the site of a "chicken sacrifice," but upon closer analysis W.I.L.D. concluded that one of the park's swans was missing, leading them to believe that it had been killed. 

In the post, the organization notes that since the incident was reported to officials, Prospect Park has seen an increased presence of police officers and urban park rangers. 

Swans have been present in and around Prospect Park Lake for years. There are sporadic reports of swan-on-swan violence among the population, but W.I.L.D. claims that the act in question was committed by a human. 

The avicide accompanies another strange animal-related incident at Prospect Park this summer: Last month, a possibly rabid squirrel was running amok in the Brooklyn park. Perhaps the fuzzy little guy was just seeking vengeance for its feathered counterpart. 

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