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Cab With Me app launches early to help stranded G Train riders

Jennifer P

Hey Uber and Halio fans—there’s a new travel service app coming out and it’s launching early to help stranded G Train riders during this shitty shutdown. Can you feel the love?

The app is called Cab With Me and the name reveals exactly what it does; it’s an app designed to make cab sharing a cheaper and easier alternative to get you from point A to point B—and hell, make a friend along the way. Basically, the app uses GPS technology to match you to a nearby traveler headed in the same general direction. You can chat with them through the app, then decide to share or split the car service of your choice (including Uber or Halio in-app) and be on your merry way.

The app will be available Sunday, August 3 on iTunes and Google Play and get this—you have the power to choose your cab mate. Based on users photos and ratings, you could be like, totally traveling with your future BFF or soul mate. You never know, right?

G Train riders, go on and connect with your fellow strugglers and don’t let these train troubles keep you from getting around. After all, being stranded doesn’t have to be such a drag—especially since we’ve hooked you up with some fun things to do in Greenpoint and Long Island City for the next few weeks.


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