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Four bear types you'll meet at Urban Bear Weekend

Written by
Ethan LaCroix

Hibernation season is finally over! Urban Bear Weekend—that annual festivity in which burly boys and their friends hit the streets for parties, food and a boozy street fair—is upon us once again. For the uninitiated, the various specimens that make up the NYC gay bear community can be tough to figure out. Here's a quick guide to the major animals you'll find out and about this weekend.


1. Any large, hairy man, usually self-identified as part of a gay subculture; often found in metropolitan areas
2. Alec Baldwin
Example: “The bears went to the beer blast at Rockbar.”


1. A bear subspecies defined by a toned physique and frequent public shirtlessness
2. Tom Hardy
Example: “The David Barton locker room was full of musclebears tonight.”


1. A young (or young-looking) member of the bear community
2. The passive partner in a bear couple
3. Tim Tebow
Example: “Did you see that adorable cub in line at Artichoke?”


1. A fuzzy guy too skinny to be a bear but still a fixture at bear events and bars
2. James Franco
Example: “I was hoping to pick up a musclebear tonight, but that was a total otter party.”

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