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Google now predicts how crowded your favorite bars and restaurants will be

Written by
Dana Varinsky

Dreaming of brunch at Five Leaves or a burger at Shake Shack, but want to avoid the lines? Google will now help you with that. The search engine has a new mobile feature that charts the popularity of certain spots, using location history data (pretty creepy, but pretty useful). 

We took a look at some of the city's most notoriously busy bars and restaurants to figure out the best times to go. Check it out: 

Roberta's: Turns out Tuesdays are your best chance to snag a table. Saturdays, don't even bother trying. 

Shake Shack in Madison Square Park: Prime burger eating hours seem to be Sunday late afternoon and Wednesday evenings. Maybe everyone needs comfort food to heal those end-of-the-weekend or hump-day blues?

Trader Joe's in Union Square: Do your grocery shopping mid-week, people! Unsurprisingly, the grocery store sees a crazy surge on Sunday. And, of course, those lucky few of you with flexible schedules should stop in before the evening crowds arrive. 

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden: The popular Astoria beer garden is hopping on Saturday afternoons, but surprisingly chill on Sundays. All the more reason to day drink then.

Five Leaves: Some obvious lessons at the beloved Greenpoint brunch spot: Don't wait until Sunday to satisfy that craving for poached eggs (Saturday's still busy, but less so, and crowds show up a little later). And wake up and go early to avoid the wait either day.  

The Happiest Hour: Turns out Thursday is prime happy hour time. The popular West Village bar is busier then than on the weekends. Monday, however, is wide why not start the week off strong? 

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