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Here are all 176 vendors at this year’s Winter Village at Bryant Park

Here are all 176 vendors at this year’s Winter Village at Bryant Park
Photograph: Courtesy Bryant Park Corporation

The Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park opens Saturday, October 28, which means Christmas in New York is coming before Halloween begins. Talk about holiday overload! But we're not complaining.

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If you can't contain your excitement for this year's winter wonderland featuring free-admission ice-skating, awesome shopping opportunities and mouthwatering food vendors, then you'll appreciate this list of every single vendor at the 2017 bazaar. We're particularly pleased with the grub selection this year, including returning favorite Chick'nCone as well as welcomed newcomer DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections. 

Health and Beauty
Dr. Silkman's Handmade Natural Body Emporium
Ebb & Flow NYC
Soy Logic Apothecary
Soap & Paper Factory
Natura Brasil
5th & Madison and Hudson Apothecary

Lucid New York
Little Village Crafts
Made From Coins
Kate Laine Jewelry
Trezana Jewelry
Exotic Handmade Jewelry
Jet Set Candy
MariePierre Collection
Sara Designs
Jewels By Atlantis
Andrew Clark Creations
Terry Ross Jewelry
Dearest Brooklyn
Vivi Sun Jewelry
Riverstone Jewelry
Yumi Jewelry + Plants
Three Angels
Bara Boheme Jewelry
Avigail Adam Jewelry
The Stone Flower
Donna C Jewelry
Friction Jewelry Inc

You Are Here Studios
Brooklyn Art Factory
Marc Tetro
Melsy's Illustrations
Metal Park
Eye Think Inc
Elementem Photography
NYC Subway 1980s
Past Objects Art
Alex-Star & Kanami
One Million Roses
Paintings by Yvoni
Pop Chart Lab

Apparel and Accessories
Kizmet Yogawear
South Street Local Artists
Winter Sense
Paul Aude Designs
Kashmir Moon New York
Mistura Timepieces
Joyfullook Zohara Art On Tights
Hot Hugs
United Leather
Nirvanna Designs
Min and Mon
The French Mermaid
Spectre & Co.
Meg Cohen Design Shop
Pink Cloud Gallery
Sapphire Glow
Davin and Kesler
Maximum Henry
Lazyjack Press
Lewis & Pine
Topo Designs
Pamela Barsky
NYC Touch
Northern Tribe NY
Karma Nepal Crafts
Jon Wye & Sires Eyewear
Himalayan Artwear
Mulberry & Grand
Yunka Mini Clocks
Cute Sox NY
Patches & Pins

Home goods
Le Souk Ceramique
Shalant Candles
Mariasch Studios
The Garden of Curiosity
Natural OliveWood
Mexican Village
Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloths
Homart NYC
All Across Africa
The Fairy Lights Factory

Unique holiday gifts
Un Pueblo
The North Pole
MrMarker Golf Gifts
Bertha Heide ProPueblo
Roxelana Fine Gifts
St. Petersburg Collections
Strand Book Store
Infinity Lights
Christina's World Glass Ornaments
It's Always Christmas in New York
Chopstick Art
Bryant Park Shop + Info
Santa's Workshop
Brazilian Home Collection

Kids, games and pets
Mr. Ellie Pooh
NuOp Design
Kubiya Games
New York Puzzle Company
Boneyard Pets
Petit Mermaid
Luckypalmtree Organic Baby and Kids Clothes
Fluffy Alpacas
Silly Puppets
Dog & Co.

Miss Tea
Hella Cocktail Co.
The Truffleist
Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company
Mike's Hot Honey
Dorset Maple Reserve
Urbanspace Provisions by FARM TO PEOPLE
Spice Professors

Food vendors
Dulcinea Churros
Bun Ramen
Casa Toscana
Arancini Bros
Crepe Café
Mr Bing - Beijing Street Foods
Bolivian Llama Party
Kimchi Grill
DAA! Dumplings
Cheesesteaks by The Truffleist
Enfes NYC
Baked Cheese Haus
Mian Kitchen
Kotti Berliner Döner Kebab
Bao By Kaya
Domo Taco
Frida's Favorites Mexican Cantina
La Sonrisa Empanadas
Sigmund's Pretzels and Brats
Pickle Me Pete
Home Frite

No Chewing Allowed!
WOOPS! Macarons and Cookies
Max Brenner
MarieBelle New York
DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections
Mrs. Claus Café
JARS by dani
Breezy Hill Orchard
Wafels & Dinges
Raaka Chocolate
Aux Merveilleux de Fred
United Chocolate Works

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Andrea L

Last year was the first time I went to the Winter Village at Bryant Park.  I enjoyed the many vendors with their special and unique gift ideas.  The atmosphere sparkles with the joy of the season.

I have been a customer of Eda and Betty Heirloom Couture by Niki Mazz for many years.  It was such a special treat to see her many unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.  I definitely left with much more than I originally planned and a much lighter wallet.  Her pieces are different from the other vendors that you have providing edgy jewelry to those who are looking for something that will be special.  She is also willing to customize any piece or create a piece just for her customers.  She always spends time to visit with her customers and make them feel valued.  I always receive many compliments on the pieces that I have purchased from her.  There are many jewelry vendors at this venue but none have her unique flair.

I was so disappointed that you would not be inviting her back for this season putting a crimp in my plans to visit NYC this season.  I am hoping that this was just an oversight on your part.

Stevie P

Eda and Betty Heirloom Couture by Niki Mazz is a booth to never miss. Her designs are so unique and are made with her personal touch. Everything from conservative to super edgy. She has her classics and always is above and beyond trends and way ahead of anyone else out there. I haven't seen anything like these pieces until Niki's designs. Eda and Betty make perfect gifts, (unless they're kept and actually never given to the recipient!) I own many pieces and all are in the same condition as the day they were purchased, top notch quality. Niki herself is a blast to be around, is a total professional, but friendly and welcoming to all! Would love to have Eda and Betty back again for the next holiday season.

Sarah S

I live in Boston and visit NYC every December to shop the Winter Village @ Bryant Park. Over 5 years ago, I met a wonderfully enthusiastic, genuine, passionate jewelry designer named Niki Mazz, creator of Eda & Betty Heirloom Couture. I immediately became hooked on her gorgeous, creative, inspired necklace and bracelet designs. I have been following Niki's career this entire time and my bank account can confirm that I have been a loyal, repeat customer as well. Her designs are like none other I've seen. The thought and artful precision she puts into her vintage-inspired creations is  both engaging and refreshing. Not only that, Niki is also very willing to create one-of-a-kind designs for her customers. They not only receive a gorgeous end-product, but can say they co-designed it with their favorite jewelry designer. Niki is a breath of fresh air to what could be another "me too" holiday fair. The first time I visited Niki's booth at Bryant Park was wonderful. While a tiny booth, Niki creates a warm, welcoming space glitzed with all of her fabulous baubles on display. Niki's boisterous personality draws people in and I can only imagine adds a ton of traffic flowing through Bryant Park. 

Having said that, I am both saddened and disappointed to see that Eda & Betty Heirloom Couture was not invited to participate in this year's Winter Village. Niki is a born+bred New Yorker, and brings a local talent to that market and has supported that event for almost 10 years. It is a shame to learn that she has not received equal support in return. I hope other Eda & Betty crazed customers, like myself, will express their disappointment as well in hopes to welcome Niki back next holiday season. #bringbackedaandbetty 

Beverly W

By the time Christmas gets here, I'm sick of it!!

christopher b

You can't even see the Fountain anymore. This is ridiculous this year