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Last night’s Girls delved into babies, breakups and a ton of weed candy

By Christina Izzo

Last week’s episode of Girls dropped two bombshellsHannah Horvath is pregnant and Ray’s boss/spirit animal Hermie died—and last night’s “Gummies” wasted no time checking in with both plotlines. Hannah’s fetus is apparently lentil-sized and six weeks old and, despite her making copious “Reasons It’s Insane to Have a Baby” lists (items include “I am bad at sports” and “I once forgot about a guinea pig for six weeks"), Hannah is still adamant on keeping the baby. 

When Hannah tells the news to her visiting mom Loreen (an always game Becky Ann Baker), Mama Horvath takes it far better than anyone would have expected—likely because she was wolfing down weed gummy worms in the cab ride on the way to Hannah’s apartment. (It’s fine, they’re medicinal.) Loreen continues her cannabis-candy binge at the laundromat, where she gets real about her growing loneliness and diminishing sense of self-worth following her break-up with Hannah’s father. She’s a solid reminder that, despite Hannah’s pipedream of wanting to be “a cool single mom, you know, like Lorelai Gilmore” (don’t we all?), it’s not so easy going at life alone, and Loreen’s jaded realism is so at odds with Hannah’s naïve optimism that Mom runs off in a pot-blazed huff.    

And so the parent becomes the child, and vice versa: Hannah enlists Elijah, who is still feeling the after-effects of six Adderall and has been busy moping to acapella renditions of “Semi-Charmed Life,” to scour the streets of north Brooklyn to find High Loreen. They finally catch up with her at a Chinese restaurant, where she is mainlining egg rolls and giggling up a storm—that is, until she blurts out the big baby news to Elijah, who reacts less than supportively. Feeling abandoned, Elijah spills some cruel, albeit truthful, tea about Hannah's "reckless" decision, the lowest blow of which is that Hannah would be a terrible mother.  

On the way back to her apartment to care for a now-barfing Loreen, Hannah stoops it for a few with the Hannah Horvath of yesteryear—literally. The mystery woman (Tony Award-winning Daisy Eagan) just happens to be the actress playing Hannah in Adam and Jessa’s meta movie about their love triangle. Yes, in a true feat of indie-movie magic, the couple has seemingly secured funding, a cast and crew, and a script for their project, which of course Jessa hasn’t bothered to read. (It’s fine, she’s the producer.) Reading it might have been helpful, however, if only to see that Adam is looking back on his relationship with Hannah with more rose-tinted hindsight than Jessa seems comfortable with. 

Ray and Marnie’s relationship isn’t faring that much better. Ray is still mourning the loss of Hermie, who has seemingly left the coffee shop and all of his personal effects in Ray’s possession. In a bid to connect with Marnie, Ray wants to go through Hermie’s belongings together but she, unlike the sympathetic Shoshanna, blows him off for a bougie fitness class. Consider it the final nail in the coffin: Ray finally breaks up with Marnie, to which she barely puts up a fight. “I’m not a bad person, by the way,” Marnie proclaims on her way out. Sure, Jan. 

Choice soundbites:
“This is Brooklyn, it’s one of the most dangerous places in America. You don’t know the terrain, you’re not Lil' Kim!”–Hannah

“You gotta give your mom a little more credit, okay? She’s way more chill than that. We almost made out once.”–Elijah

“Yeah, no, it’s super random but I’m just not gonna die, like, ever.”–Shoshanna


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