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New site shows you where to find the nearest available Citi Bikes and open return docks

Written by
Tolly Wright

Have you ever rushed to a Citi Bike station thinking that you could just hop on one of those blue sets of wheels and get to that meeting/event/date on time, only to find that all the docks were empty? Or maybe you took a bike for an adventure to a corner of the city you'd never been to before and realized that you had no idea where to return your bike in the neighborhood, and when you did find the docks they were all completely full with no space for your rented vehicle? Well, now there's an app for that. 

Using your device's geolocation—or just by sending your address in a Facebook chat—the site gives you the location of the nearest three stations with bikes and the nearest three with open parking docks when on Facebook, and five of each (with a handy map) on the website. The closest spot is listed first, but the options allow users to consider their own preferences and travel plans—for instance, if you're heading to the Upper East Side and the nearest station is on a one-way street heading west onto a southbound avenue, it might be worth walking a few extra blocks to the bike well positioned to get you on your way. Likewise, if you're a scaredy-cat who only wants to ride and park a bike if it's as close as possible to the wide-open cycling lanes of the Hudson River Greenway like one intrepid blogger for Time Out New York, then the bot can be used to find one such far-west, far-away-from-traffic option by searching an address.

The site responds almost instantly to your queries and updates automatically with each bike borrowed and parked from the station. So, what are you waiting for? Now's the time to finally join the Citi bike movement and go on one of our best Citi Bike routes.

The polls are open! Vote for your favorite spots that deserve a Love New York Award.

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