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New York's newest Instagram celebrity is a four-month-old puppy named Glee

Written by
Kelsey Dubinsky

New Yorker’s love a good Instagram-able pup. Remember the hugging dog? She’s still out there hugging tourist’s and locals alike, but there’s a new golden retriever stealing hearts across the city with an Instagram account that's like an adorable version of Humans of New York.

The four-month-old dog, Glee, and her owners are working to meet as many people as possible, and find out what makes them “gleeful." Glee and her brand, Goldens Glee, are committed to bringing positivity and joy to New Yorkers. The dog's owner hopes to show the world the commonalities and diversities of what makes people gleeful, and teach the importance of bringing “glee” into our lives.

"In our busy lives, Glee provides people with a moment to meditate on the things that bring them joy, be it silly or serious," said Glee's owner Jared Kasner. "We hope that by bringing New Yorkers glee, we can help them to see that positivity can unite them."  

Check out some of our favorite gleeful moments—we know nothing gives us more joy than a good puppy hug.

What makes Cathy Gleeful? "Reminiscing about @brody.the.goldie's days as a pup." #staygleeful

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What makes Sam Gleeful? "When you meet someone for the first time and feel like you've known them forever!" #staygleeful

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