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NYC is among the most sex positive cities in the world

Written by
David Goldberg


According to a study posted by the "high-class" adult entertainment app Lazeeva, NYC ranks as the sixth best city in the world for watching, buying or having sex. The list is compiled based on ten factors from 100 cities across the world, which include reports of sexual activity, satisfaction and experimentation; consumption of sex toys and porn; active presence of adult entertainment venues and swingers' clubs; access to contraception; LGBTQ and gender equality. As a bonus, Lazeeva included the top porn keyword search of each city. It appears that after lugging bags around the subway all day, a large number of New Yorkers dream of getting a massage.

Anyway, here's the top ten: 

1. Paris

2. Rio de Janeiro

3. London

4. Los Angeles

5. Berlin

6. New York City

7. Sao Paulo

8. Las Vegas

9. Ibiza Town

10. Amsterdam

Ranking each category from 0–10 based on surveys, data and population numbers, the app came up with a pretty decent list. But it's all relative: Paris clinched the #1 spot because of its high number of swingers' clubs and adult entertainment venues. For many sexually active urbanites, those factors may bear little significance to how they get off. Lazeeva did admit that many global sex hubs didn't make the list because information was hard to find. So the quest for truth continues. 

What's more, it's likely that L.A. only beat NYC on the list because it's one of the world's capitals of pornography production. So don't feel too bitter. I'd argue that we're having more sex, while they're just filming it. 

You can view the comprehensive list here

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