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Okonomi fries at Emmy Squared
Paul WagtouiczOkonomi fries at Emmy Squared

The 10 best loaded fries in New York City

Written by
Christina Izzo

French fries are damn-near perfect on their own, or with a dip and dab of ketchup, but they're at their most gleefully gluttonous when tricked out with bacon crumbles, sour-cream swizzles and plenty of artery-clogging cheese. Whether you want them salty or sweet, here's where to get the city's most top-rate new loaded fries. 

Smoked-meat poutine at Mile End
Sure, you can get the Montreal specialty the traditional way with cheese curds and chicken gravy, but when topping 'em with house-smoked brisket is an option, you take it. Small $13, large $16. 

Mapo tofu chili cheese fries at King Noodle
Canola-fried Idaho wands come smothered in a red-hot chili-pork-tofu sauce, torched American cheese and fragrant flecks of green onion at this Williamsburg stoner-food mecca. $11. 

Okonomi fries at Emmy Squared
Waffle fries get a Japanese spin at the Williamsburg pizza parlor—the starchy spuds are topped with cultish kewpie mayonnaise, Otafuku okonomi sauce and a heavy snowing of bonito flakes. $13.

Tugboat fries at the Brooklyn Barge
At this floating barge turned Greenpoint restaurant-bar, find French fries topped game-day–style with barbecued pork, shredded cheddar and sliced jalapeño. $14. 

Rainbow fries at Sticky's Finger Joint
To celebrate National French Fry Day on July 13th, the chicken-finger mini chain is serving fries topped with rainbow-colored cream-cheese frosting, Fruity Pebbles cereal and rainbow sprinkles for $5.50. (Proceeds benefit New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.) The rest of the year, you can find gonzo fry creations like a bacon-mac version and a marshmallow-topped s'mores number. $5.51 each.

Rainbow fries at Sticky's Finger Joint
Photograph: Courtesy of Sticky's Finger Joint

Truffle fries at Home Frite 
The fry-loving Smorgasburg stall tosses their potato batons in black-truffle oil, Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs, and pair 'em with an aioli shot with roasted garlic, fresh lemon zest and ground black pepper. $8. 

Poutine at Salvation Burger
At April Bloomfield and Ken Fieldman's Pod 51 patty joint, the burgers are all-American but the fries have a Canadian twist, served poutine-style with cheese curds and a Worcestershire-spiked oxtail gravy. $15.

Pizza fries at Toad Style

Vegans get get on the loaded-fry train at this Bed-Stuy haunt, which doles out a 'za-inspired tumble of fries covered with marinara, almond "cheese" and basil. $9.

Fries with the works at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken
Salty shoestrings are crowned with a mess of melty aged cheddar, smoked bacon and sour cream at this fried-chicken canteen. Small $7.75, large $14.75.

Curried fries at Dirt Candy
Amanda Cohen has never shied from the fryer—at her vegetarian restaurant, she serves a pile of fries with a generous smothering of curry gravy and crumbles of fresh paneer cheese. $8. 

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