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The most inspiring places in NYC according to six fashion designers

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Time Out New York contributors
Have you ever seen an insane outfit on a stylish New Yorkers and thought, “Who came up with that?” Well, we have the answer: these six designers making waves in the New York fashion scene. And they’ve given us even more insight into the city spots where they find their inspiration, from casual coffee shops to Chelsea art galleries. And who knew that one of the city’s most iconic bookstores was actually a source of fashion inspo?
“There is a little church called the St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery; it’s on 10th Street and Second Avenue. From the time I was a freshman in college, I would go sit there. There’s a little graveyard in the back, and I have my spot under this one tree that I go to any time I feel I need to just be alone. That place is very special to me; I actually get a lot of work done there.”
Eric Schlösberg, the DIY provocateur (
“The Lower East Side definitely influences every aspect of my work, just because I’m soaking things up all the time from my surroundings. You go to the same coffee shop every morning, and you say hi to the same people. I love the way people dress down here. It’s very laid-back, and everyone tries to look beautiful and cool and effortless all at the same time.”
Sandy Liang, the downtowner (
“B&J Fabrics (525 Seventh Ave; 212-354-8150, is like a paradise. I’m always just checking what it has. It’s a good source of inspiration.” 
Victor Barragán, the social-media showman (
“My favorite place for design inspiration is StrandBook Store. It’s more than just a bookstore; you’re being exposed to the history of the human thought process, and I love that.”
Abdul Abasi, one of the sharp suit-ers (
 “I get a lot of ideas at Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. I find the antiques inspirational, but you also see a lot of people wearing cool clothes. People try to pretend they don’t care in Brooklyn, but everyone gets ready for the flea market; they have to wear new shoes, cool sunglasses or something.” 
Greg Rosborough, one of the sharp suit-ers (
“I love walking all the blocks in Chelsea. I have See Saw (, which is an art gallery app that allows you to search by neighborhood, and it tells you every show that’s happening there.”
Ellen Van Dusen, the color guard (

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