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The MTA needs a new leader, and we have some suggestions

By Time Out New York contributors

Chairman and CEO of the MTA John Prendergast officially stepped down from his post Tuesday, and the hunt is on for a new chairman nationwide, DNAinfo reports. What brave new leader will hold the fate of our metro fares and train shutdowns in their very hands?! We have a few great picks in mind. Listen up, MTA!

Leslie Jones
She killed is as intrepid MTA employee in Ghostbusters!

Anthony Weiner
Lord knows he needs something else to do with his idle time. Plus, he'll directly respond to inquiries with personal photos. Sure, he's a bit cock-sure, but he might be our best bet.

Bill de Blasio
He's well-experienced, and he may be looking for new employment come 2018. Too soon?

The Naked Cowboy
He made something out of nothing, like many New Yorkers. Plus, winters get cold. He was heard singing pro-Trump songs at NYC's Women's March, so maybe Trump will put in a good word for him.

The subway showtime kids
Who knows our subway system better than the “It’s showtime!” dudes? They know to the second exactly how much time it should take between Bedford and 1st Avenue, or across the Brooklyn Bridge. They also have stamina, teamwork and an incredible fundraising capacity.

Swan from The Warriors
Not even because he led the Warriors to victory against all the other subway gangs in the 1979 movie (despite only bringing a knife to a gun fight against the Punks), but because anyone who lives in Coney Island but works in Manhattan knows a lot about subway contentions.

Thomas the Tank engine
He's got ver 100 years experience in public rail transit, and despite this maintains an expression that somehow simultaneously says “I am having a great day” and “I have done something very naughty." We need that kind of energy! The only downside is he is English, so getting a work visa will be…complicated.

Carrie Bradshaw
If she lived in that uptown apartment by writing one column a week, she can certainly teach the MTA about budgeting.

Pizza Rat
He's the hardest working rat in town, and he never gives up on his dreams. Plus, he shares a common interest with 99% of New Yorkers.

Hillary Clinton
So that we can at least enjoy her in some capacity.

Steve Martin and John Candy
But they would also have to be in charge of planes... and automobiles.

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