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This hellish subway ride was every New Yorker’s worst nightmare

Written by
Rebecca Fontana

Darkness falls over the subway. A train creaks in the distance, but there’s no movement. Suddenly, frantically, a desperate hand pries through the subway doors and grasps for freedom…but to no avail.

On Monday night at around 6pm, an F train turned into an apocalyptical nightmare when it got stuck without power for nearly an hour. The subway failure happened between the West 4th Street and Broadway-Lafayette stations, leaving cars full of passengers without light, Wi-Fi or air. The lights and AC shut off after the first 10 minutes, but passengers suffered through a standstill that lasted a total of 45 minutes.

Fulfilling our worst nightmares about commuting, the subway service failure resulted in riders sweating profusely, writing desperate messages on the foggy windows, stripping off shirts and pants and discussing who should be eaten first. (Fine, not that last one, but it came close.) The broken train reportedly finally started moving when another train pushed it from behind. 

Though riders were initially given the standard disclaimer of "train traffic ahead," the shutdown was eventually identified as a "severe maintenance malfunction." An MTA spokesperson confirmed that the train has been taken out of service and an investigation is underway. There’s no word yet on if this disaster will speed up the MTA’s six-point plan to fix the subway, but we’re not sure we want to ever get on a train again anyway.  

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