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This musician wrote love songs for 122 of the most popular female names

Written by
Jillian Anthony

We all secretly hope that we'll fall madly in love with a musician, who will write a desperately romantic love song about us that we'll cling to after the butterflies of love have burned up in flames. Oh, is that just me?

Well, the time has finally come to hear that lovesick tune written especially for you: Los Angeles musician Jonathan Katz wrote original songs for 122 of the most popular female names, just in time for Valentine's Day. Katz's full project, YourTune, went up on YouTube Tuesday, so all the Annies, Leahs, Brooks, Marys, etc. out there can now fill their hearts with his sweet serenades.

Katz (full disclosure: he and I have been friends since 2009) first came up with the project last fall as a way to share his music with the world. "I thought, not everyone who wants to write a song can, especially for someone they love," Katz says. "From there it evolved into, 'What if I wrote songs so people can sing them for other people?'"

He researched the most popular female names and got to work. Katz ended up with 122 completely unique songs, each with their own narratives and sweet nothings. "I would see if I could come with a creative rhyme for a name, and that rhyme would inspire the theme or story of the song," he says. "Some are 'how much I love you' songs, some are 'I miss you' songs, some are 'I haven't seen you since we were kids and now we're adults and really sexy.'"

Katz tried to include the names of all the women he knows, but if your name happens to be missing from the list, don't worry—he plans to tackle more soon. Of course one has to wonder: Are any of these love songs written for real-life flames? "None of the songs are specifically written about anybody," Katz says, "but my own life experiences are going to come out when I'm creating art, that's just the way it is." And why is he wearing the same outfit in all the videos? "I only own one shirt. I'm a starving artist," he says.

Fun fact: Katz was also featured on the cover of the 2013 Nice Jewish Guys calendar. You can also stalk find him playing piano with his band, Angelou. Check out his ode to all the Jills out there (excuse my self-indulgence) below:

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