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This map shows the perfect times to go to iconic NYC locations

Written by
Rebecca Fontana

Infographic: SAP Consumer Insight 365 and SAP Digital Consumer Insight

It’s no secret that walking through Grand Central at rush hour or trying to find a picnic spot in Prospect Park in the middle of a sunny Saturday can be a crowded nightmare. But sometimes you just really want to act like a tourist and visit those locations that locals secretly love. And we can help: This map of the busiest and slowest times at the city’s best attractions was created exclusively for us by SAP using data pulled from mobile device usage at certain locations in NYC.

The map shows 10 of the busiest and most popular places in the city with a breakdown of the times when the most people are there (and on their phones, of course). For example, Grand Central becomes overrun at 11am with 90,000 commuters running late to work. The prime time to go to the city’s best parks and art museums is from 9am to 6pm, unsurprisingly, with an extra bump upward for Central Park at 5pm as people journey home. Once 6:30pm hits, though, every location takes a nosedive, so head out to these spots to beat the crowd later in the day (and always keep an eye out for late nights at museums).

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