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Church Street Boxing
Photograph: Courtesy Jose Tutiven Church Street Boxing

The best boxing classes NYC has to offer

Want to take boxing classes? NYC has plenty of great studios where you can get in shape while working out aggression.

By Jordi Lippe-McGraw

At these boxing classes, NYC’s best gyms offer you the one workout that’s truly made for overworked residents: boxing. Do you hate your boss? Did someone rub up against you on the subway? Was last night another failed Tinder date? Get it all out in the ring. More and more people are heading to intense workouts (rock climbing! Hot yoga!) to blow off some steam while sculpting some pretty sick abs. Whether you go to an A-lister’s favorite gym or join the coolest secret fight club, you’ll look like someone from the best boxing movies in no time. Adriannnn!

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Best boxing classes in NYC

Gotham Gym
Photograph: Courtesy Gotham Gym

G-Box at Gotham Gym

Want to look like Gigi Hadid or Bradley Cooper? You have a solid shot with this group workout that was designed by celeb trainer Rob Piela of Gotham Gym. You start with a warmup (jumping jacks, jump squats) and then go through the basics—jabs, hooks, uppercuts— along with how to successfully duck a punch. After learning the skills, you partner up and try the new moves out while clips from movies like Rocky play in the background. And no class would be complete without some solid ab work. 43 Crosby St (917-472-7384,

VFitness Boxing
Photograph: Courtesy VFitness Boxing

Boxing at VFitness Boxing

Open to all levels, this small class has just 10 people and is intimate enough that you can get your boxing moves down to a tee. You’ll learn how to perfect your punches and defense, along with proven methods of boxing to become a champion (if that’s your goal). You can expect a tough but fun workout that includes pro-boxing instruction, conditioning and interval training. Though it’s a no-frills space, there’s plenty of boxing options like boot camp classes, outdoor fitness classes and semi-private lessons.

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Photograph: Courtesy Shadowbox

Shadowbox After Dark Class at Shadowbox

Crank up the intensity and turn down the lights at this high-end boxing gym. While its signature class takes you through 45 minutes of body weight exercises (variations of plyometric/metabolic work), shadowboxing (no contact) and heavy bag work with intense training intervals, the 60-minute After Dark class kicks it up a notch. Think: more intervals with louder music and sexier lighting. 28 W 20th St (646-666-0756,

Photograph: Shutterstock

Overthrow Boxing and Booze Burnout at Overthrow Boxing Club

The first rule of Fight Club? Don’t talk about Fight Club, unless it’s at this awesome spot, of course. Embrace your inner Brad Pitt by heading to this underground gym that was once an infamous meeting spot for radical activists and a former after-hours club. During this 45-minute class taught by top-level amateurs and pro fighters, you’ll work on shadowboxing, heavy bag work and basic boxing technique set to energetic workout songs. On Fridays, you can enjoy some booze afterward to reward yourself for the hard workout. 9 Bleecker St (646-705-0332,

Photograph: Shutterstock

Box Group at Work Train Fight

Work Train Fight (WTF) is all about mental and physical empowerment, and its Box Group class is the most authentic training experience. Broken down into levels, it focuses on boxing techniques that help you learn that perfect jab-cross-hook combo. It’s a tough hour, but you can burn more than 700 calories in one class. Now that calls for a real WTF! 636 Broadway (646-727-4660,

Photograph: Shutterstock

Boxing Conditioning at UFC Gym

Don’t worry, this gym isn’t as scary as it sounds. This class teaches the basic boxing skills and techniques, designed to increase strength and endurance. The class includes bag work, cardio exercises, shadow boxing and core strengthening exercises, and you’ll burn at least 500 calories in one session. Sign us up! 277 Canal St (212-858-9880,

Church Street Boxing
Photograph: Courtesy Jose Tutiven

All Levels Boxing at Church Street Boxing

No experience is necessary if you want to get your feet wet and try boxing for the first time. The fitness classes for beginners involve punches, combinations, footwork, ducking and slipping and intense conditioning. Newbies get to nail down the basics, and more experienced boxers get back to basics. And everyone gets a non-stop workout that burns at least 800 calories. 25 Park Pl (212-571-1333,

Aerospace NYC
Photograph: Courtesy Aerospace NYC

Aerobox at Aerospace NYC

This sexy space will help you sculpt one hell of a sexy bod. Founded by former champion boxer Michael Olajide Jr., the sleek gym features a killer workout that includes intervals of jumping rope and upper/lower body toning drills along with multi-punch combinations. Olajide says, “It’s getting fit without getting hit.” This class is designed to enhance endurance, speed, stamina and power. 121 W 27th St (212-929-1640,

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