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  • Photograph: Courtesy of Christine Valmy

    Christine Valmy

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    Just Calm Down

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    Tribeca Beauty Spa

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    Season Spa

Photograph: Courtesy of Christine Valmy

Christine Valmy

Just Calm Down Spa: Pit-Stop mini facial

  • Price band: 2/4

For this concise tune-up, enzyme scrubs and a bubble-gum-scented recovery cream were rubbed into my skin. Light steam opened up my pores for extraction, followed by a soothing hydrating mask. Despite my super-sensitive mug, I didn't have any adverse reaction to the Glo and Dr. Jeff products selected for my skin type or to the procedure itself.
Best part: When I checked a mirror afterward, I noticed that my face looked moist and glowing, sans the usual postfacial redness.
Why it's worth it: This procedure went beyond simple extractions: I got a whole minifacial in just 30 minutes, not to mention a soothing neck, arm and face massage as the treatment progressed.
(212-337-0032, justcalmdownspa.com). Regularly $70. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking for $50 Pit-Stop or Footsie Tootsie (regularly $70) treatments or $40 Eye Surrender treatment (regularly $55) Tue 1–Mar 31.—Rachel Sokol

  1. 32 W 22nd St, (between Fifth and Sixth Aves)
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Tribeca Beauty Spa: Mini facial

After proclaiming my skin "beautiful" (yay!) but my pores "very clogged" (yikes!), skilled Tribeca co-owner Nadia Dekhkanova (who performs treatments regularly) worked to draw out as many impurities as possible. She used a combination of cleanser, moisturizer, enzyme peel, exfoliant and a collagen mask—the spa employs products by Sonya Dakar, Dr. Alkaitis and iS Clinical almost exclusively.
Best part: Each product was applied via an extraordinary facial massage, a delicate ballet of slaps, strokes and gentle shoves. Paradoxically, this rubdown was simultaneously tranquil and invigorating.
Why it's worth it: I walked out without a hint of dryness or splotchiness, and my fella actually noticed a difference.
(212-343-2376, tribecabeautyspa.com). $50. TONY deal Mention TONY for 30 percent off the Tribeca Signature Facial (normally $135) and microdermabrasion (normally $195) through Feb 28 (excluding Feb 12–14).—Heather Young

  1. 8 Harrison St between Greenwich and Hudson Sts

Advanced SkinCare Day Spa: Omega Peel

This experience was fast, easy and gentle, minus the itching and burning that's typical of peel treatments: A light organic gel was rubbed onto my face and neck and let sit for a few minutes. My body heat warmed up the gel, after which the technician gently buffed the dried stuff off, along with all the dead skin cells it was exfoliating.
Best part: The procedure lasted just 20 minutes, but before starting, Anna, the spa's owner, gave me detailed instructions on what I should be doing to keep my skin healthy.
Why it's worth it: You aren't just getting a peel—you're getting an in-depth skin analysis and recommendations for all your future treatments.
(212-758-8867, advancedspa.com). Regularly $25. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking for 10 percent off any treatment through Feb 27.—Annemarie Dooling

  1. 10 W 55th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves

Christine Valmy International School: Facial

Though it's obvious the space is a school—nine beds are in one large, communal room, and the treatments are all performed by students with a supervising teacher—this facial feels like it's done by a pro. It begins with a pre-analysis, during which a technician examines pores and breakouts and evaluates your skin type. Next, there's a thorough cleansing to remove makeup and toxins, followed by a deeper breakdown that determines which products will be used. After the application of a special lotion come the extractions and a stimulating face massage. I opted for a red-wine-pomegranate mask for an extra $10; as it set, I was treated to a neck, shoulder, arm and dcolletage massage.
Best part: It's definitely worth springing for the $10 mask. The red-wine-pomegranate is good for all skin types; it's packed with antioxidants and collagen, which instantly firmed my skin.
Why it's worth it: After analyzing my face, my technician homed in on my trouble spots and personalized everything.
(212-779-7800, christinevalmy.com). Regularly $27 (weekdays 9:30am–5:30pm) or $38 (weekdays 6–6:30pm, Sat 9am–3pm). TONY deal Mention TONY for a free mask treatment ($10 value) through Feb 27.—Celia Shatzman

  1. 437 Fifth Ave between 38th and 39th Sts

Aveda Institute New York: Rejuvenation package

  • Price band: 1/4

This 140-minute beauty-school pamper package involves a facial that includes the back, as well as hand, foot and head massages. Before it began, I was given a skin analysis, then asked to close my eyes, smell three essential oils and choose one. The patchouli I selected was then integrated into the entire service. My face was steamed, cleansed and exfoliated with a series of botanically derived products; this was followed by and face mask tailored specifically to my skin type.
Best part: The facial ended with an ayurvedic-inspired face massage using my chosen aromatherapy scent, the whole of which left me relaxed, glowing and ready for a complimentary cup of organic tea.
Why it's worth it: You'll pay beauty-school prices for a student therapist-in-training who's just as good as a professional (a supervisor checks in during the skin evaluation).
(212-807-1492, avedainstituteny.com). $80.—Sarah Theeboom

  1. 233 Spring St, (between Sixth Ave and Varick St)
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Season Spa: Antistress back massage and mini facial combo

After discussing my particular posture problems (i.e., that I sit hunched over at a computer for hours on end), Jennifer, my massage therapist started in on 35 minutes of attention to my shoulders, back and hips. The massage alone is worth the money, but that's only the first half of the session. Next came the "mini" facial, but there was nothing small about the 40-minute process that began with cleansing and exfoliation. Clients are then given the choice between a facial massage and a light evacuation to get rid of blackheads, and either service is followed up with a toning treatment and a mask. You'll even have the option of getting your eyebrows cleaned up at no additional charge!
Best part: While you might expect a mud or cream face mask in a usual facial, Season Spa uses a cold minty-smelling version. While the freezing feeling was strange for a moment, the mask closed my pores and left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.
Why it's worth it: The treatments cost $38 and $35 respectively when each is done on its own, and many places would charge you more. Season Spa is a Holy Grail for those looking for a place to bliss out and still have money for groceries.
(212-966-7416, seasonspa-nyc.com). Regularly $50; TONY deal Mention TONY at booking to get 15 percent off the combo through Feb 14.—Lucy Quintanilla

  1. 165 Hester St between Elizabeth and Mott Sts

Spa Belles: Express Facial

This time-saving 30-minute treat gets down to business: Sensiderm cleansing milk was rubbed into my face to remove excess dirt, oil and makeup, followed by exfoliation to buff away flaky skin. Hot steam and a few spritzes of lotion opened my pores (for my skin type, it was Puractive treating lotion), followed by a customized moisturizer tailored to my skin type.
Best part: The express moisture mask was topped with wet cotton for deeper penetration, and after it was removed I felt as if I was left with a new layer of softer skin.
Why it's worth it: This speedy facial incorporates a brief massage, concentrating on the cheekbones and temples, followed by additional pressure to the forehead. My neck, chest, arms and back were also caressed with a quick rubdown and the application of pleasantly steaming towels.
(spabelles.com). $50. TONY deal Mention TONY when checking in for 10 percent off an express facial at select locations (132 Seventh Ave at 18th St, 200 W 15th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves, 326 Bleecker St at Christopher St and 301 Sixth Ave at Carmine St) through Feb 27.—Danielle Paccione

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