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10 photos of NYC looking gorgeous AF on the first full day of spring

By Clayton Guse

Spring has sprung in New York City. The cherry blossoms are getting ready to bloom. All 8.5 million residents are set to partake in some rooftop drinking and neighborhood barbecues. And did I just hear the benevolent hum of a Mister Softee truck? 

Boy oh boy, we sure do love spring. We love writing about it. We love going out in the city during it. Heck, we'd even marry it if we could. We’re so excited about the season that we decided to celebrate its first full day by sharing photos of green, verdant spaces, blooming flowers and—wait, what was that?

Oh, there’s another blizzard happening? It’s a nor’easter? It might bring a record snowfall? My seasonal depression isn’t going away anytime soon? 

Well...shit. It’s still the first day of spring, but it looks like an Arctic naval base outside. Seeing that springlike weather is still at least a week off, here are photos of the cold, wet, miserable start to the season in good ol' NYC. 

Ah, the Flatiron Building looking as majestic as ever on a wonderful spring day.

And check out this hero wearing a slush poncho, something every New Yorker should have in their spring wardrobe.

A post shared by Athenais Altzibar (@athe75) on

Oh my god, who doesn't love walking their little dog around town this time of year?

A post shared by Powie🐾 (@therealpowie) on

Nothing says spring like yoga in Central Park.

A post shared by David Tufino (@dtufino_photo) on

No cab necessary this time of year. We'll be walking and taking in the pleasant weather until November.

A post shared by Sadie Kurzban (@sadiekurzban) on

There's no better time to move into a new apartment in the city than the spring. Not too sweaty; not too chilly—it’s just right.

A post shared by Bree (@breeneumann) on

You better believe it’s iced coffee season in New York. 

Yes, that is a goddamn snowman next to the Hudson River. Does anyone have a good therapist they can recommend?

This human is walking around in skis in Prospect Park, because this winter will never end and we should all give up hope.

A post shared by Sarah (@sjlucie) on

Yup, this is bad. 

A post shared by Susan Gross (@nycsuz) on

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