10 ways you know you're a real New Yorker during a snow day

#7. Walk through snowbanks while sipping on an iced coffee

Shaye Weaver
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Shaye Weaver
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New York City became a winter wonderland overnight, and if there's one thing all of us New Yorkers know it's that when it snows, our inner children rejoice. 

This year especially, when we're indoors on the regular, snow is more of a treat than a bother. Watching the white stuff fall without being forced into it is quite nice.

Each winter, a lot of real New Yorkers do the same thing when it snows:

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1. You order from your fave local spot

Once the snow has settled, we like to celebrate with our favorite dishes from our local spots. Take out is necessary this year since outdoor dining isn't possible in the snow. (And indoor dining has been banned again for the time being.) In fact, Stella Artois will pay for your takeout in NYC this week if you order local.

2. You go out in it until you've had enough, which isn't long

We have to personally investigate the total amount of snow we got and get our fill of the cold stuff, which never takes long. Despite living in the north, being cold isn't our forte.

3. You make little snowmen on your fire escape

Of course, we have to open our windows and balcony doors to check out the snow and make little snow creatures. It's what we do.

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4. You go sledding in the park

With a really bountiful snowfall with fluffy packing snow, we head out to the park around the corner to hurdle ourselves down hills for fun, especially at Sunset Park and Central Park.

5. You go snowboarding in the street

The brave (or risky) among us like to tailgate vehicles through the snowy streets to get maximum speed. 

6. You head to our local green space to take in the winter scene

To get the full effect, we like to walk to our parks to see usually green lawns completely blanketed. Pristine snow coverage is incredibly beautiful and we don't want to miss out.

7. You walk through a snowbank while sipping an iced coffee

It doesn't matter that it's cold out, we like our iced coffee and we like it on a walk through the snow. Sometimes we even do it in our pajamas.

8. You constantly bring up past NYC snowstorms that were bigger than this one

This was a lot of snow, but remember 2010? A nor’easter dropped 20.9 inches on our fair city. If you need a reminder, here's a roundup of insane photos of the six worst blizzards in NYC.

9. You get excited to wear the one pair of intense snow boots you bought for “winter” but really only wear 2-3 days a year after major storms

We finally take those rugged boots out of the closet to put them to the test. We've been waiting to use them and we'll only use them until the snow melts a bit. 

10. You help your neighbor clear off their sidewalks because we're in this together

New Yorkers are happy to help their elderly or handicapped neighbors clear off their sidewalks of the snow. There's a camaraderie we feel when we go through a blizzard together. The desire to help our neighbors is reignited.

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