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35 stereotypes about NYC that are actually true

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Time Out New York editors

In Time Out’s City Life Index 2018, we asked our readers across the planet to tell us how they really feel about where they lived. We surveyed 15,000 people in 32 different metropolises, and we gained some incredible data and insight. New York was no exception. Our survey was robust and gave readers a place to tell us their opinions on their city’s culture, neighborhoods, sex lives and overall livability. 

The index revealed some surprising things about New York but also confirmed some long-held stereotypes about the city. Below are 35 of them that, according to our readers, are actually true.

1. “People are rude.”

2. “There are sirens all the damn time.”

3. “New Yorkers are tough on the outside but soft on the inside.”

4. “We're unbothered by everything, and we walk fast.”

5. “People are miserable. People are unfriendly. It's loud. People in New York think the world revolves around them, and they will do ANYTHING to get ahead at work. (I've literally never worked anywhere where the office environment is as weird as it is in New York.)”

6. “Rough exteriors, but hearts of gold.”

7. “We can't stand tourists.”

8. “Everything is expensive.”

9. “New Yorkers can be short with each other. But it's not because we're rude—it's because we have to be efficient!”

10. “New Yorkers are snobs.”

11. “New Yorkers walk and talk fast.”

12. “There are a lot of people here.”

13. “The fast walk is real and necessary.”

14. “We're loud workaholics.”

15. “It's quite miserable to live here, but the rest of the country is even worse so we're stuck.”

16. “We all like to mind our own business.”

17. “You need to make a lot to live comfortably.”

18. “It smells.”

19. “People are assholes.”

20. “People are super-ambitious.”

21. “We don't give a fuck about you.”

22. “We aren't afraid to speak our minds. If you're in the goddamn way, someone will make sure to let you know.”

23. “People walk fast and wear a lot of black.”

24. “It’s dirty, and there are a lot of rats.”

25. “Everyone is crazy.”

26. “Hipsters are everywhere.”

27. “People are loud. In busy places like bagel shops, you're expected to know what you want as soon as you enter. There’s no time for browsing.”

28. “The city eats its young.”

29. “Everyone here is from somewhere else.”

30. “Getting anywhere in this city takes the patience of a saint. The subways are crumbling and awful. I take UberPool every day now to avoid ever going underground. However, the aboveground traffic has become unbearable, so getting around the city with ease is nearly impossible now.”

31. “It costs an arm and a leg to live here!”

32. “New Yorkers are brash. We're not rude, but we don't have time for your shit. We've got places to be!”

33. “It has world class culture.”

34. “The competition is fierce.”

35. “Dating is awful.” 

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