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A whopping 91 percent of New Yorkers drink alcohol

Written by
Tim Lowery

Are we lushes? According to our City Life Index survey, in which 15,000 folks from 32 Time Out cities across the globe sounded off about how they live, um, where they live, you could make the case that New Yorkers are. More than nine out of ten Gothamites that we surveyed say they hit the sauce. (To put that in perspective, nationwide, 56 percent of adult Americans say they drank in the last month, per the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.) 

What’s more, 78 percent of New Yorkers said they partied hard within the last week, noting that they either barhopped during a weeknight, took drugs, stayed up until sunrise or had a hangover. Apparently, a hell of a lot of us live by that credo so gracefully put by fellow New Yorker and Time Out New York bar-crawl buddy Andrew W.K.: “When it's time to party, we will party hard.”

Be sure to check out all the results of the survey, in which we learn New York has the best nightlife (duh) and that Chicagoans like pizza more than us (WTF?). And if you're looking to get in on the action 91 percent of New Yorkers are into (especially those cool dudes pictured above), definitely hit up our roundup of the best bars in NYC. Cheers.  

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