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El Mago Pop
Photograph: Courtesy Emilio Madrid

Antonio Diaz, star of El Mago Pop, shares his most magical NYC spots

The Spanish magician shares his fave local spots before his Broadway debut.

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

The celebrity illusionist Antonio Diaz, AKA “El Mago Pop,” has achieved a remarkable level of success in his native Spain. He’s not only the highest grossing European illusionist—he’s also Spain’s highest grossing performer across all art forms. Now, he’s bringing his blockbuster, mind-bending show to New York audiences for the first time with his Broadway debut at the Barrymore Theatre on August 20.

“I'm living a dream, please don't wake me up,” Diaz tells Time Out New York. “Performing on Broadway was one of my childhood dreams. I never imagined what's happening these days: being the youngest illusionist to have my solo show on Broadway.”

We caught up with the master magician before his show officially opens this weekend to get the lowdown on his favorite, most magical spots in NYC. (No teleportation required.)

El Mago Pop opens at The Barrymore Theatre on August 20.

Tannen's Magic Shop

“Opened in 1925, [this] is New York City's longest running magic store. This small shop holds many tricks from some of the world's most famous magicians and is even home to some unique Houdini artifacts. The greatest magicians of the last hundred years have relied on that same company to purchase their tricks and have walked Tannen's sales floor in search of their next big idea. I love to stroll and breathe in inspiration surrounded by magic.”

The High Line

“The history surrounding the High Line makes me feel like I'm in a place that's more than just a park. Built on [a] historic elevated railway line, it's the perfect blend of discovering gardens, experiencing art, enjoying a performance, savoring delicious food or catching up with friends.”

Mercado Little Spain

“At the end of my journey along the High Line, in Hudson Yards, the Little Spain Market is one of my favorite places to eat in NYC. There's nothing quite like feeling at home. The labyrinth of restaurants, bars, kiosks, counters and shops creates the perfect setting for enjoying a great lunch and a wonderful afternoon.”

Sleep No More

“I am a theater enthusiast, and I absolutely love going to Broadway to see all the Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. However, a production like this, based on Shakespeare's Macbeth, is essential in the global theater scene. A unique evening that engages all the senses. It's transformative.”

Bethesda Terrace

“There are many beautiful areas in Central Park. It's one of the city's main attractions. However, I believe my favorite remains the Bethesda Terrace arcade, located near the lake. Its roof makes this place distinctive, as well as magical. If you catch it in the right light, it appears almost ethereal.”

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