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At Williamsburg’s Etiquette cafe and bar you can sleep in a bed

Emma Orlow
Written by
Emma Orlow

Long workdays can make even the most ambitious types feel sluggish. But at Etiquette, a new Williamsburg café, co-working area and events space, a queen-sized bed big enough for two let’s you hit snooze and recoup some potentially needed zzz’s. You can even choose to work on the bed, with some guests finding it more comfortable than the regular computer-at-desk situation. 

Etiquette, which opened back in September 2019, comes from Four Happy Men Hospitality, the restaurant and bar group behind neighborhood locales like Loosie Rouge and their newly-opened wine bar, Sauced. Etiquette is attached to the record store Halcyon, once located within the Brooklyn nightclub Output before it shuttered. In addition to a full bar with cocktails, the team also offers coffee, housemade pastries and select dishes by Loosie Rouge chef Henry Lu. 

In the early aughts, bed bars were a trend, made popular, in part, by shows like Sex and the City. In season six of the HBO show, Carrie Bradshaw attempts to mend her broken heart after being dumped via a Post-It note (the second most memorable use of Post-Its in pop culture since Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion...but, we digress) by going out for a night on the town with her friends at a hot new club called B.E.D., where the staff wore silk bathrobes (it eventually closed in 2007). 

Though Etiquette is by no means a nightclub like the one Bradshaw drowned her sorrows in during the show, a press release provided to Time Out New York lists “lingerie parties” as one potential future use for the space and the record shop offers vinyl night dance parties, activating the room during the nighttime. 

The team has a knack for creating nightlife spots with buzz. Their most recent project, Sauced, offers a backroom with a disco ball and guests feel like they’re being hosted when ordering wine because you simply tell the bartender what kind of wine you’re looking rather than ordering from a list. We hear a backyard ping pong space will open when the weather gets warmer. 

“Our approach to hospitality is community first. Our intention is to create a second home for our neighbors in everything we do. The thought was to create a space that looked and felt like someone’s loft you’d find yourself in Brooklyn,” says Damien del Rio, a co-owner and one of the “Four Men.” The bed is one of several homey details to the space, including a bathtub and a stuffed pony rocking horse chair.  

A 2015 story published by the drinks website Punch detailed the rise and “tragic” fall of the beds at nightlife spots. “With beds in a bar, though, there was always the high potential for shenanigans—which was, to some degree, exactly the point,” writes Aaron Goldfarb about the gimmicky design decision. But, perhaps, they're about to get a new life. 

Currently, Etiquette is open from 8am-5pm and has a “full-functioning bar until closing,” in case you’re looking for a day drink and a spot to work or hold a meeting. The team has plans to open seven days a week until 11pm and starting this Friday, light bites will be offered until closing. 

As the name suggests, if you are going to use their bed, just make sure you use the right etiquette. 

Etiquette is located at 53 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

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