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ByChloe is now offering a line of twenty-five CBD-infused treats

Written by
Jake Cohen

It seems as if Sweets by Chloe is the latest NYC spot to jump on the CBD bandwagon.

The popular vegan bakery has launched a new line of CBD-infused baked goods with the name Feelz by Chloe. Launching today, NYC’s two Sweets By Chloe locations (185 Bleecker St  and 181 Front St) have been transformed into pop-up Feelz by Chloe shops until Sunday, October 14, when the line will become available in all 13 locations worldwide.

When you walk into the shop it feels like you may have bypassed pot and went straight for the LSD. The technicolor decor is only matched by the treats themselves. Take the “Rainbowey Ooey Gooey Cinnamoney Roll” which takes a rather delicious cinnamon roll (especially given the fact that it’s vegan) and covers it in an unpleasantly crunchy shell of colorful sprinkles. Other items toting names reflective of stupid stoner humor like the rich “Chocolatey Leafy Brownie” or the “A-to-CBDey Cookie” laced with pretzels and marshmallows beautifully satisfy any sweet tooth, especially a vegan one.

But before we go into how I (and some fellow editors) felt after we ate them, let me make something clear. CBD or cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive compound from marijuana that helps you relax, while reducing inflammation and easing anxiety. THC is the fun stuff that gets you high and gives you the munchies. Capitalizing on CBD products by treating them like THC edibles is factually flawed and makes me lose a bit of respect for any brand that does it (after this check out our review of the “Stone Negroni” at Adrien Block).

Putting the integrity of concept aside, after an hour I was indeed feeling more relaxed and most of my coworkers seemed quite at ease (even while we shuffle to finish the next issue of the magazine). While the question remains if it was caused by the CBD or our blood sugars crashing, we can safely say that we got the feelz.

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