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Experience A Quiet Place 2 by escaping from this horror-themed pop-up

Written by
Howard Halle

Shh! Be vewy, vewy quiet (as Elmer Fudd might say)—that is, if you want to get out of a new scary-movie themed escape room coming to New York. Starting tomorrow and running through Saturday, the pop-up immerses you in the post-apocalyptic world of A Quiet Place, Part II, and you know what happens there if you make even the tiniest of sounds:

But in case you've been under a rock, in the original A Quiet Place, Earth has been invaded by aliens who are the extreme opposite of hearing-impaired: If you make any kind of noise, they hear it and kill you. Under these stressful circumstances, a family (the Abbots, played by Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe and Cade Woodward) struggles to stay alive sotto voce in their abandoned upstate town. As it happens, one of the kids is congenitally deaf, and everyone is versed in American Sign Language, so it's all good.   

Now there's a sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, with this week-long "survival-room" experience taking place ahead of the film's March 20th release at the Dolby Soho at Broadway and Broome Street. According to the event's website, visitors are let in three at a time to encounter a brief but intense, multi-sensory "progression of physical and mental obstacles." There are also "Instagrammable moments" from the film.

A Quiet Place Part II picks up with the Abbotts having escaped into the countryside, where things haven't gotten any better for them. They're still facing imminent extinction, but as for you, it will be in and out in with every hair in place in five to seven minutes.

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