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Find out if you're a real New Yorker with this interactive map

Prove your NYC cred based on how many subway stations you've been to in the city.

Shaye Weaver
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Shaye Weaver

You think you're a real New Yorker? Now you can prove it with a new online quiz that gives you your ranking based on the number of subway stations you've been to.

What's Your Subway Station Number? on uses an interactive map where you can click on all the subway stops you've actually been inside (not just passed through.) Based on the number of stops, you're ranked on how much of a New Yorker you are.

I have visited about 94 subway stations, so I qualify as an "official resident." (If I had any doubts!) But someone who has visited the most is an "MTA worker." You can also be ranked as an "NYC outsider," a "first-time rider," an "urban explorer," a "tourist," a "rich tourist," a "junior commuter" and an "NYC lifer."

Subway Station Number map
Photograph: Courtesy

Its creator, Mike Solomon, a product design technologist and Queens resident, created the map back in 2015 when he had some free time on his hands. 

"I was inspired by looking at the subway map and reminiscing about all the places I've been," he tells us.

It's definitely entertaining to see how much it takes to get the specific ranks, but I thought I had been to a lot more subway stations than I actually have, so I'm determined to work on getting to "NYC Lifer."

How about you?

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