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Hoboken’s O’Bagel offers eye-popping $135 jumbo bagel

Emma Orlow
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Emma Orlow

Cartoonishly large food that doubles as Instagram bait is no stranger to the tri-state area (See PHD Terrace’s hot chocolate, so big that a spill would be an equivalent of a scolding volcanic eruption spewing chocolate lava).

Over in Hoboken, New Jersey, a new giant has entered the scene. The jumbo bagel at O’Bagel is a behemoth sized load of carbs. First introduced to the bagelry in 2017, it’s the mastermind of co-owner and head chef Stephen El-Hassan. Customers can get the big boy in everything, plain or sesame. 

The catch? The eye-popping prices of the jumbo bagels range between $45-$135, depending on add-ons. According to the team, the bagel can be the size of a car tire. 

Some options for the jumbo bagel include variations of the BEC (bacon, egg and cheese) with turkey or sausage. Guests can also pick from other signature sandwich options such as the best-seller “Ridge Diablo” with Taylor ham, crispy bacon, scrambled egg and melted pepper jack cheese that gets topped with pickled jalapeños and chipotle aioli. Or, you can keep it simple with regular 'ole cream cheese.

New Yorkers have are incredibly opinionated about most foods, but the best bagel shops remain one of the more divisive topics (let's not forget the flack Cynthia Nixon got for ordering a cinnamon raisin bagel with lox at Zabar's, or, more recently, when Mayor DeBlasio shared his go-to order on Twitter, only to be roasted so hard he deleted it). Is this a more or less classy variation of the rainbow bagel? 

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In addition, there are versions such as the “Watchung Warrior” with pastrami, scrambled egg, melted Swiss and honey Dijon, and, even the “Scaly T” that has turkey bacon, over medium eggs, scallion cream cheese, romaine lettuce and tomato. 

Just be sure to bring a dining companion so that none of it goes to waste. 

O’Bagel is located at 600 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030.

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