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Iconic St. Marks shot bar Continental is closing

The East Village will be getting a little less booze-soaked this time next year. Long-running dive bar Continental, which used to host punk shows back in the day, will be closing at the end of August 2018, according to Brooklyn Vegan. A note posted on the bar's website cites the an incoming development as the reason, but doesn't rule out reopening in another location.

You have the better part of a year to get your last "5 shots of anything for $12 (yes they're serious)" before the watering hole closes up. Until recently, the bar offered that bender of a deal for just $10. 

Read the closing notice posted by bar's proprietor, Trigger, below.

It is with heavy heart that I have to inform everyone that Continental has less than a year left. Some time after the end of August 2018, this corner will be knocked down and developed. It's truly heartbreaking that we and so many Old Skool places are falling by the wayside but unless you own your building that's how it goes. For going on 27 years this Bar has been my life. First as a Rock Club and then as a Dive Bar and I've loved every minute of it (mostly speaking). Don't hate my landlords. They're older now, got a great deal and I can't blame them and I want to thank them; Eddie, Ruth and Jack (RIP) for treating me like Family and always giving me an affordable rent and I also want to thank Jeff Bezos for not selling Beer. Special Thanks to my Staff- especially Noel and Bingo, the Bands, the Regulars and the rest of you lunatics for coming to my bar all these years! I'm grateful and honored that we're part of NYC Rock History and I'm also very proud of this incarnation, what I call a Classy, Dive Bar. When I was bartending my way through college- this was my Dream and it happened! I will always be so deeply grateful for this experience...Trigger P.S. if we're very, very busy for the remainder, it's possible that we'll have the funds to relocate!!! P.P.S. to the haters, trollers and people we denied entry to (let me guess- you've never owned or managed a bar)- get a life. A busy, centrally located, bar without a Door Policy will soon devolve into chaos, violence and things disappearing. At the Community Board & Precinct meetings, Continental was never in the conversations re underage drinking, bar fights or pocketbook, cell phone or any other common bar theft. Our door policy was strictly about dress code and vibe code. That's it. And I'm absolutely certain that we denied entry to more intoxicated, caucasian, bro types than any other group or race. P.P.P.S. While it's true that we're not closing next week, time flies, so make sure you stop by before we're done!



Melissa R

LITERALLY, this bar should have been shut down years ago for their racist door policy. Fck their "vibe policy." That's code for picking and choosing which kind of people they want in their bar and I've been there enough times to tell you that it isn't the brown people that they want there. One night I invited nearly 20 friends there for my birthday and they didn't let two of my best friends in, who happen to be black, and said that they are only "letting in regulars." BULLSHT. Only three of us were regulars and the rest were not. We all left immediately, basically emptied the bar on a Saturday night and vowed to never return. Fck this place and the racist horse they rode in on. There's a reason why they are always trying to defend themselves against claims of racism. The claims are eerily pretty much the same and true.🖕🏼👊🏼

Good riddance! The "most racist bar in NYC" should have been shut down years ago by the city. Let's hope "Trigger" gets flushed down the drain of history. Go stand across the street and see who they let in and who they turn away. Nothing to do with dress code or "vibe." Trigger Smith is straight-up racist.

Chris S

This place has a blatantly racist door policy. And before the owner rushes to call me a hater, I'm white and got in, no prob. After two trips I saw my non-white friends were being turned away for obvious BS reasons (one was his 'sleeves were too baggy' hahaha) and never went back. Good riddance dirt bags. 

Adam C

Ahhh great place ☺️

James U

Racist bar that watered down their drinks.  Fck em.  Congrats on teh new owners in kicking these bums out.  Ive seen them deny more blakc dudes who simply had a hat or baggy clothes than any other group.  Yet they play rap music in that shtty bar.  Fck em.


Fuck them! Racist bar.

Nicole M

This bar is racist. The "vibe" he's referring to is a black vibe.