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Boiis Co. cookies
Photograph: Boiis Co.

Mookies—cookies filled with mochi—have taken over New York

You're going to want to order a dozen now.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

If there is one thing that New Yorkers go crazy for it is combination desserts. From cronuts to grilled cheese cheesecakes, the mashups always elicit a slew of social media posts, think pieces and a whole lot of online orders. 

The next creative concoction set to take over our Instagram feeds and palates is the mookie: shortbread cookies filled with mochi, created by Sunnyside, Queens-based company Boiis Co.

You've got three options to choose from: the salted caramel cookie filled with caramel mochi, the ube cookie featuring an eponymous stuffing and a matcha cookie, also filled with ube mochi. Additionally, sweet tooths can expect a seasonal flavor to join the roster of products each month. April's delightful selection is a Thai tea mookie with Thai tea mochi filling. The company is also looking to release a basque mochi cheesecake next month. Yum.

Boiis Co. cookies
Photograph: Boiis Co.

Now offering nationwide shipping, Boiis Co. launched back in 2019 by selling tofu mochi bites. After a successful run across a series of pop-ups (and a forced, pandemic-fueled break), the company introduced the mookie product line which, unsurprisingly, took over Instagram given its photogenic qualities. 

In terms of culinary details: the treats are made with both all-purpose and cake flour, plus European butter and sugar.

The destination's official website describes them as "bite-size donuts that delicately combine Asian-inspired flavors to a healthier, gluten-free and guiltless snack." We're not sure how guilt-free the treat actually is but... do you really care? We all need something sweet every once in a while.

Boiis Co. cookies
Photograph: Boiis Co.

Lest you rush to place your order online, we should warn you that the March stock is already sold out. Do not despair, though! April slots are opening up this Friday, March 19, at 12pm EST so do constantly refer back to the company's official website and Instagram page to grab a box as soon as they're available again.

In the meantime, if your sweet tooth needs tending to, check out this New Yorker's decadent banana bread or, perhaps, treat yourself to a delicious, colorful rainbow cake from a local bakery

As the French say: bon appetit!

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