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New vegan cookie dough from DŌ and Sweets by CHLOE amazingly doesn’t suck

By Jake Cohen

You’ve probably waited on line for many hours at both DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections and Sweets by CHLOE trying to satisfy your sweet tooth. Well, the two highly-Instagrammed powerhouses are joining forces to create a limited-edition trio of vegan, edible cookie doughs inspired by best-selling desserts from Sweets by CHLOE. For the whole month of May, you’ll be able to indulge with cookie doughs of cinnamon espresso cookie, old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie and chocolate matcha babka.

So, we got in samples of the flavors to give them a try to see if it was worth the wait. Guess what? They’re all great. Nothing revolutionary, but truly solid flavors that match up with everything else at both sweets shops. And they taste just as good as the regular dough.

However, we weren’t going to stop there. DŌ always claims that all their cookie dough can be baked into delicious cookies. We weren’t going to miss this opportunity to see how these vegan flavors baked up. After baking just as you would any other cookie, they were some of the best vegan cookies ever. Soft texture. Crisp edges. Prominent flavor, with the perfect amount of salt (which is often lacking from most cookies). And I'm just going to say it here: The cinnamon espresso cookie baked from DŌ far exceeded the original from Sweets by CHLOE.

Photograph: Jake Cohen

DŌ not miss these flavors while they’re available this month.


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