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New Yorkers are the most likely in the U.S. to keep a lost wallet

New Yorkers are the most likely in the U.S. to keep a lost wallet
Photograph: Pexels

New Yorkers don't need bragging rights (we know we're the best, dammit) but some validation never hurts. So when the results of Time Out's massive City Life Index survey were unveiled, we were tickled to learn that we have the best nightlife, party harder and hate tourists with more vitriol than anyone else in the world. In other words, we've still got it.   

But not every outcome on the survey painted our fair city in a positive light. Beyond being the most pessimistic daters in the country and being somehow outshined by Chicagoans in the pizza-adoration department, we were a tad embarrassed to learn that New Yorkers, more than the denizens of any other city in the U.S., are more likely to stash the cash they find in a misplaced wallet. More than one in five locals said they would do just that, which scientifically proves that a lot of us are kind of dicks. 

Austinites, on the other hand, are not just keeping it weird, apparently. They're keeping things pretty darn polite, too, as more than nine out of ten of them would turn in a wallet they discovered on the street. (Folks in Austin are also more willing to wait in long-ass lines than New Yorkers, so it's not all enlightenment down south.) 

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