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Gym in NYC
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NYC is the most expensive city to get a gym membership in the U.S.

Surprise, surprise.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

As if we needed another excuse not to work out: according to a new study conducted by Total Shape, a fitness website, New York tops the list of most expensive cities in the United States to get a gym membership in.

Of course, that's not very surprising. Everything in New York seems to be costlier than it would be in any other city, after all. Alas, that's the price we pay (literally) to live in the very best town in the world.

According to analyzed data from cost-of-living site Numbeo, the average monthly price for one adult gym membership in New York is $106.06, which is $61.68 more than the country's average of $44.98.

The top five ranking is rounded out by San Francisco (average monthly gym members: $101.27) and Santa Barbara ($91.75) in California, Washington D.C. ($84.51) and Anchorage in Alaska ($78.75). 

On the other side of the spectrum, Mesa in Arizona is considered the cheapest area to get your exercise on. The average price of a health club pass there is $18.29. Memphis in Tennessee landed at number two ($22.44), followed by Cleveland in Ohio ($23.11), Las Vegas in Nevada ($26.14) and Louisville in Kentucky ($26.20).

Feel free to do whatever you want with this information, but we do have one tip: since getting a gym membership in New York is expensive no matter what, you might as well opt for one of the very best gyms and health clubs we have around town—some of them offering the sorts of amenities and perks that will actually entice you to exercise. There’s nothing like investing in your own well-being!

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