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Pi Day 2022: This is New Yorkers' favorite pie

Happy Pi Day!

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

If all this talk about Pi Day has got you hungry for pie (duh!), you might want to consider indulging in what seems to be New Yorkers' favorite version of the treat: Boston cream pie—at least according to delivery service InstaCart.

The company crunched the numbers and, although apple pie is the most popular pie flavor in the United States (over 27 percent of the platform's pie sales account for the classic version of the treat!), folks in New York are partial to the dessert with cream filling.

Interestingly enough, New York and New Jersey are the only two states who made the pick. Overall, cherry pie is the top flavor in 11 states, followed by pumpkin pie at second place (the top choice in nine states, mostly on the West Coast). 

If you happen to not be familiar with Boston cream pie, let us give you a bit of an explainer. The delicious dessert is actually a cake, which probably makes you wonder why it's referred to as a pie. Fun fact: back when it was first developed, cakes and pies were cooked in the same pans and the two nouns were used interchangeably. 

To make it, bakers first prepare two layers of French butter sponge cake. They then slap some thick custard in-between them, brush it with rum syrup and then coat the sides with custard, toasted sliced almonds and chocolate fondant. The sweet treat was originally referred to as chocolate cream pie but, today, it goes by its newer monicker and—although it wasn't the top choice in Massachusetts, according to InstaCart data—the pie is actually the state's official dessert according to an official 1996 declaration.

Why is March 14th called Pi Day?

Pi Day is technically an annual celebration of the mathematical constant "pi," which approximately corresponds to the number 3.14—hence the March 14th festivities. Still, who doesn't love an excuse to devour some cake? To that intent, here are the very best pies in all of NYC—sweet, savory, rich, tart, tasty and to be consumed without feeling any guilt until sundown today at least!

Pi Day 2022 pizza and Pi Day pie deals

Looking to celebrate today's holiday with some extra tasty local deals? Today only, the delivery app Slice is offering first-time users $5 off any orders from local pizza shops when they use the code "PIDAY2022." Meanwhile, Grimaldi's Pizzeria is hooking up first-time reward members with a free salad or appetizer and Magnolia Bakery is giving $3.14 off online orders of hand pies from today through March 20.

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