See lightning strike the Statue of Liberty during yesterday’s crazy storm

The photo is truly mesmerizing.

Anna Rahmanan
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Anna Rahmanan
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Statue of Liberty lightning strike
Photograph: Shutterstock

Although today's forecast looks slightly better than yesterday's, we're technically still in the midst of the "long duration storm system" that Governor Kathy Hochul warned residents about earlier this week.

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Social media is filled with posts depicting the severity of yesterday's rain—from flooded subways to power outages and more—but we found one specific photo taken by the Statue of Liberty that truly knocked us off our feet.

In the picture, taken by photographer Dan Martland and posted on Instagram, a lightning bolt seems to directly hit (or, honestly, come out of), Lady Liberty's torch.

Martland was able to catch the happening from a bunch of different perspectives, as seen in the carousel of photos he posted, each one cooler than the one before.

One of the pro's followers commented on the post, specifically asking Martland how he captured the event.

"I usually track the weather with apps and head out if it's looking good," he responded. "I've had times where I've been out for eight hours and got nothing. Today was only an hour. The storm passed pretty quick. And the apps showed that there was no more cells coming my way. [...] These are still. I use a lightning trigger."

Whatever he did, the results are awesome!

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