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Scarlet, Sistine and Sophia Stallone
Photograph: Art Streiber/Paramount+Scarlet, Sistine and Sophia Stallone

Sylvester Stallone’s daughters share what makes NYC better than LA and where to meet people

Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet Stallone shine in New York in season 2 of 'The Family Stallone.'

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Sylvester Stallone's daughters—27-year-old Sophia, 25-year-old Sistine and 21-year-old Scarlet—are absolutely delightful. 

Hopping on a video call from New York and Miami a few weeks before the February 21 premiere of the second season of The Family Stallone, the clan's Paramount+ reality TV show, the sisters exude the sort of solidarity that speaks volumes about the way they were raised: father Stallone and wife Jennifer Flavin have done a good job, despite the incessant attention that the family gets given Stallone's decades-long acting career.

In the upcoming season of the show, fans will get to dissect the familial relationship as Sophia and Sistine officially move to New York City while Scarlet, a college student in Florida, gears up to join them post-graduation.

Stallone family
Photograph: Philippe Antonello/Paramount+

In a Zoom call, the Stallone sisters open up about life in New York, their go-to local haunts and more.

What they love most about New York

Sophia: "The energy is incredible, the people are so fun, different and unique. It's just a place of discovery."

Scarlet: "I'm looking forward to being able to walk everywhere. You don't walk in Miami. People don't go outside and just walk and that's what I really miss. I miss the culture [in New York] as well: every time you go walking, you see something crazy and I don't really have that in Miami."

The New York “rituals” that have become their go-tos

Sistine: "If I have to walk very far to get to a restaurant, I started to bring my heels in my purse. I also always have sunglasses because we learned that eye contact is not allowed here but we're still not good about not wearing shoes in the apartment."

The biggest misconceptions about New York

Sistine: "The biggest misconception is that New Yorkers are mean. Los Angeles people are a little more snotty but I think New Yorkers are much friendlier!"

Sophia: "It's true that it's easy to feel lonely here in some circumstances but I do think that the city gives you great opportunities to connect and meet new people."

Sistine, Jennifer Flavin, Sylvester, Scarlet and Sophia Stallone
Photograph: Art Streiber/Paramount+Sistine, Jennifer Flavin, Sylvester, Scarlet and Sophia Stallone

Their favorite things to do in New York

Scarlet: "It's definitely the shopping but I also love the Broadway shows."

Sophia: "I take myself on a date, get a burger and go to a show. I saw Sweeney Todd on Broadway and loved it. I want to see Hadestown, Titanique and & Juliet.

Sistine: "We also love to go on the West Side Highway to walk, it feels a little bit like LA because we always run into a friend or an old date. You always see someone you know there!"

The best places to meet potential dates

Sistine: "The Bowery Hotel's bar, the Crosby Hotel's bad—I am looking for a sophisticated man! Fanelli Café is just a great social hangout, everyone is there on a Friday afternoon."

Sophia: “You should go to a sports bar on Sundays: Rocco’s in Noho!”

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