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The best things to do in NYC this month based on your astrological sign

Jennifer P

How is that Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo treating you? A lot of us are in agreement that the first month of 2018 felt like a year. So many of us are feeling wiped out, a bit cranky and like we could use a really long nap. But now’s not the time to settle in and play it low-key. Even in the middle of winter, February in New York offers too much sparkle and fun to stay cooped up at home. 

But here's another dilemma: With all the awesome NYC events in February, how the hell are you going to cram them all in, especially when this is the shortest month of the year? It’s inevitable that you will have to make sacrifices and save certain parties, concerts and cultural events for another time.

This runs the risk of you catching a serious case of FOMO, however, and no one wants that. So we're using a little help from the moon, stars, planets and our astrology expert (this writer) to help you find the No. 1 event you simply cannot afford to miss this month. Think about it. You could meet the love of your life, network with a potential employer or have the best effing night in NYC you’ve always wanted at one of these events below. 

Don’t believe us? Fine, but the answer you seek is not only written in this article—it's written in the stars!

Aquarius: RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 Viewing Party
Drama, drama, drama. Has all the bullshit you've endured within the last year left you in an unshakeable funk, Aquarius? There, there. This month, it's your party and you can totally cry if you want to. But you know what might cheer you up? Getting inspired by some seriously stylish and fierce drag queens. (Yes, fellas, you too.) That's right, RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars is back, and nothing makes us happier than watching these femmes duke it out to be crowned head of their Kweendom. Added bonus: It gives you a chance to escape your own drama and tune into one of the most dramatic showdowns on television. 

Pisces: Fuck Love at House of Yes
Cupid's arrow has struck your behind, Pisces, so gear up for a month filled with heart-eyes emojis. It doesn't matter if you didn't ask for it. You can try to rebel all you want, but don't be deceived. Even when you attend Fuck Love, a rager at House of Yes which appears to be anti-romance, you're still going to feel sparks flying everywhere you turn. Our advice? Embrace it. Now's your time to shine. 

Aries: Yoga & Poetry with Farrah Field
Poor ram. You've been overworked nearly to the point of exhaustion lately, so your sign in particular could really benefit from a little R & R. Before you cue up Netflix and settle in for a well-deserved night on the couch, try going to this yoga and poetry event that allows you to relax, unwind and expand your mind. Trust us, it will be more rewarding than that appealing but lonely hermit lifestyle you're considering.  

Taurus: Valentine’s Day Pet Adoption at Bideawee
Taurus-folk are prone to be loyal and sensitive, and this month's planet alignment is making you feel extra in-touch with your emotions and your softer side. Embrace your feelings and desire to help and nurture others by heading to this pet adoption event at Bideawee. Chances are, you'll walk away with a new best friend. Just make sure you can devote enough love, time and money to properly provide and care for this newly found fuzzball before you fully commit. 

Gemini: Pop-Up Magazine
It's your gift to gab, Gemini. A natural conversationalist, you're usually perceived as witty and charming. But this month is not the time to get too chatty. Something you say might get misconstrued by the wrong person. Now's not the time to be the center of attention. So leave the talking to the guest speakers at Pop-Up Magazine, a live showcase that welcomes authors, comedians, scientists and more to share stories on interesting topics, instead. You don't have to tape your mouth shut completely, twin. Feel free to mingle in the audience between presentations. You might strike up a conversation that turns into a potential networking opportunity.  

Cancer: It’s Friday I’m (Not) In Love: Anti-Valentine’s Day Party
This month, crabs are feeling particularly...crabby. But don't worry, we're not going to suggest you turn that frown upside down. Life is not all butterflies and rainbows, and it's okay to wallow in self-pity (for a moment) and air your grievances. There's no better place to do this than at this Anti-Valentine's Day bash. Love be damned! But who knows? After grooving in a sea of bitterness, you might meet someone on the dance floor who inspires you to sweeten up. 

Leo: Cupid’s Undie Run
Yes, we know. You're a fierce lion and everyone can hear you roar. But you don't have to be so ferocious and serious all the time, Leo. Loosen up and do something ballsy or just plain silly this month, like joining the scantily clad Cupid's Undie Run! Do a quick sprint in your underthings to help raise money for charity before shaking your rump at the afterparty. The next day, no one would dare call you a cowardly lion. Going to a party in your underwear takes c-o-u-r-a-g-e.  

Virgo: Parks and Recreation Trivia
One of the most overused phrases in the book—there's no "I" in team—rings true for you this month, Virgo. In fact, everything you do will only be elevated when you invite members of your tribe to share the experience. Put your teamwork skills to the test during this fun trivia night spotlighting one of best TV shows ever, Parks and Recreation. Never watched it before? Er, well use this as your excuse to binge some of Amy Poehler's best work immediately. Just make sure to invite your pals before you hit play. (They'll bring the cheese and the wine in exchange for your hospitality.) 

Libra: Wine Tour de France: Valentine’s Day Champagne and Chocolate Tasting
Intimacy. That is the theme of the month for all you Libras. Upping some much-needed one-on-one time with your significant other or your bestie is essential if you want your relationship to flourish in the coming months. Whether you invite your BFF or your boo, take a moment to treat yourselves to this fabulous wine and chocolate tasting provided by the French Institute Alliance. Vino and cocoa make everything better, no? Oui, c'est vrai!

Scorpio: Raw Love: CBD Dinner Supporting #MeToo 
You're truly up for anything this month, Scorpio, and we love that easygoing attitude. If you're down to clown, head to this incredible tapas dinner serving food, cocktails and chocolates infused with legal CBD oil. During the feast, activists from Denim Day NYC speak on how to fight against sexual assault in the city—a very useful and important conversation for you to be paying attention to right now.

Sagittarius: Chinese New Year Firecracker Ceremony
Can you feel the heat, Mr. or Mrs. Archer? Your bow is on fire at the start of the month, but the flame will start to die down toward the end of February. We get it, you want to keep the excitement and those electric feels going. Well, you can! Head to the Chinese New Year Firecracker Ceremony, during which 600,000 firecrackers will be set off to ward away evil spirits. It's an event filled with life and bright colors—you're going to truly be in your element when you go. 

Capricorn: The Second Buddha
Things are getting a little foggy for you this month, dear Capricorn. Combat confusion and find clarity at The Second Buddha, a new exhibit at The Rubin Museum of Art exploring the story of Padmasambhava, an 8th century master of tantra credited with bringing Buddhism to Tibet. FYI: It is known that Padmasambhava's legends carry lessons about impermanence and triumph over obstacles, so listen (or view) closely, Cappy. 

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