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Photograph: Courtesy of RoboBurger

The first robot burger chef in the world is slinging meat near NYC

It makes a delicious burger in less than 6 minutes.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Ladies and gentlemen, meet RoboBurger, the first fully autonomous robot burger chef in the whole world.

The culinary wunderkid currently sits inside a vending machine at the Simon mall at the Newport Centre in Jersey City, New Jersey—a mere 15 minutes from Times Square!—but it's about to dispatch similar robot friends across other locations, including a college in NYC and a giant tech company in Seattle.

To create a piping hot burger in less than six minutes, the patented invention actually uses a five-step cooking process that is similar to what chefs rely on at quick-service restaurants. RoboBurger first grills the patty then toasts the bun. Step three includes the dispensation of selected condiments, followed by the assembly and delivery of the food. Pretty cool, huh? 

Check out a video of the product right here:

Price-wise, you're looking at about $6.99 per order, shelled out of the 12-square-foot machine that plugs into a traditional wall socket and features its very own refrigerator, automated griddle and cleaning unit.

"I started RoboBurger in my garage 17 years ago," said Audley Wilson, co-founder and CEO at RoboBurger, in an official press release. "Now, there couldn't be a better time to bring it to life and have everyone experience it. [It] gives everyone freshly grilled burgers—while ensuring a safe, contactless experience. RoboBurger always comes out piping hot and is never pre-cooked and kept warm."

If you're more into traditional preparation methods when it comes to your patty, feel free to consult our list of the very best burgers in New York. Let's be honest, though, how cool would it be to tell your friends that a robot made the delicious patty you had for lunch?

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