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There’s a “Financial Gym” in NYC that offers free classes to solve your money problems

Jennifer P

Much like having an open conversation about sex, discussing one's personal finances is considered an extraneous taboo. New Yorkers will scream how much they pay for rent per month, but deep discussions about money matters pertaining to salary, student loans and credit card debt are hushed. That is, if we even bring up such headache and anxiety-inducing topics at all.

But at the Financial Gym, the facility’s money-managing experts want you to address the green elephant in the room and get chatty about what's in—or not in—your wallet. More importantly, they want to help you make your money work harder for you. MarketWatch recently published an article about how millennials say they're so anxious about money that it's making them physically sick, so the demand for this type of service has never been greater.

Joining the Financial Gym is a lot like getting a membership to Crunch or Planet Fitness. Rather than intimidating machinery and protein powder shakes, there's comfortable seating, free wine and snacks! Sounds like a gym you'll actually want to go to, right? 

Just like paying a personal trainer to help you get fit, you'll work one-on-one with a financial planner to set goals, learn how to budget, save, repay any debts, boost your credit score and even learn how to invest and prepare for retirement. You'll meet with your trainer every quarter (if you're anything like this writer, that's how often you workout anyway), but the membership fee ($35 to $85 per month) also gets you access to the gym's educational events. Since April is Financial Literacy Month and tax season (by the way, your taxes are due one week from now), the Financial Gym is generously hosting an awesome range of free events so you can become a money-saving baller.

In honor of Equal Pay Day, sign up for a panel with Fairygodboss and learn how women can close the wage gap and earn what they deserve. On 4/20, there's a Weed-O-Nomics course which will teach you how to budget for your favorite recreational activity. There's even a Thrifty Clothing Swap on April 26 for any fashion-lover who wants to upgrade their wardrobe without spending their entire tax return. 

The Financial Gym's community space has a warm and nurturing air, so you won't feel overwhelmed or afraid to talk about any of the financial windfalls you may be experiencing. Plus, they have wine and tissues on-hand if you need to vent and have a good cry. 

Photograph: Courtesy Financial Gym

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