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Boozy eyeball jelly cake
Photograph: Courtesy of Goldbelly

This boozy eyeball jelly cake is the one thing you should eat this Halloween

We've got our eyes on this cake.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Brooklyn-based boozy jelly cake company Solid Wiggles is currently selling the most Halloween-like offering out there: an eyeball cake that looks as creepy (and cool) as it sounds.

New Yorkers can pick up a pie or a slice of the treat at KIT, the new food business incubator that opened in Prospect Heights back in June (fun fact: KIT stands for "Keep In Touch"). Full cakes are also available nationwide via shipping through Goldbelly. Fair warning: this specific treat is no longer available on the platform given the imminency of Halloween.

The boozy eyeball jelly cake is made with orange juice and rum jelly, plus cherry, Angostura bitters jelly and sweet coconut milk jelly. 

Although ideal for this Halloween weekend, the treat is just one of many gelatinous ones made by the duo behind Solid Wiggles. 

Founded last year by pastry chef Jena Derman and master mixologist Jack Schramm, the company sells both alcohol-filled and "virgin" jelly cakes that are extremely eye-catching and clearly require a whole lot of meticulous work to be produced.

Take the cosmos jelly cake, for example. Boasting acid-adjusted orange juice jelly, sweet milk jelly galaxy and a cranberry lemon jelly base, the cake looks like a beautiful map of the galaxy that should be put on display in someone's home—and not an actual edible product.

Other outstanding options include the Dreamboat jelly cake (Campari lime jelly base, orange juice jelly, sweet milk jelly flowers) and the Showstopper 75 (acid-adjusted champagne jelly, lemon and gin jelly, brown sugar milk jelly and edible glitter). We're partial to... all of them?

All the boozy cakes boast 5% alcohol content, which is actually the legal cap when shipping foods, and each costs $109 (non-alcoholic versions run $99).  

But if it's more "traditional" foods that you're after this Halloween, we suggest you consult our larger guide to spooky NYC food and drink offerings. La Churreria is serving a delicious jack-o'-lantern churro on a stick or as an ice cream sandwich, for example. Perhaps, you might want to try the Sweeney Beef at Beetle House—an 8-oz. filet with mashed potatoes, mushrooms and "blood" splatter.

It seems like New York's dining scene is really stepping it up this holiday weekend.

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