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This is the best neighborhood in NYC, according to our readers

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

As many an enthusiastic aunt has said before, New York is a city of neighborhoods! In fact, most New Yorkers seem to have extremely well-formed opinions about every single neighborhood in the five boroughs, even if they’ve never been there. Nay, especially if they’ve never been there. Go ahead! Ask me what I think about Marble Hill!

For Time Out’s 2018 City Index survey, we surveyed thousands of people across 32 different Time Out cities and asked them what they really think about their hometown. Our readers stopped being polite, started getting real and spilled the tea on everything they honestly love and hate about their greater metropolitan areas, including its many neighborhoods.

When it came to New York, Williamsburg was far and away considered the most overrated part of town with 21 percent of respondents singling out the nabe for public ridicule and scorn. On a happier note, the neighborhood loved most by New Yorkers lies a mere six L train stops away: the West Village. 

See the five neighborhoods that came out on top below, along with some responses we received as to why these locales are so beloved.   

West Village - 19 percent of respondents

“It’s incredibly charming and beautiful.”
“Great bars, restaurants, shops and close to everything.”
“I love the cobblestone streets, the trees, the bars and the energy.”

East Village - 10 percent of respondents

“The demographic is young and there are so many unique restaurants that are still semi-affordable.”
“It still has that true NYC gritty feel.”
“Great mixture of diversity and fun.”

Upper West Side - 8 percent of respondents

“People are friendlier there and there are a lot of parks.”
“It has a sense of home and comfort.”
“The architecture is old school and charming.”

Lower East Side - 8 percent of respondents

“Great mix of nightlife and places to go to and a cool vibe”
“Host of characters there.”
“Lots of funky places off the beaten path.”

Greenwich Village - 5 percent of respondents

“I love the literary history.”
“Best people watching.”
“It’s the most gorgeous neighborhood with the most gorgeous people.”

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