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Carrot cake Milk Bar
Photograph: Courtesy of Milk Bar

This new carrot marshmallow crackle cake from Milk Bar looks ridiculously good

It's a limited-edition treat.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Leave it up to Milk Bar to offer a spin on a dessert classic that looks even better than the traditional version of the treat. 

Available now in store and for nation-wide shipping, the carrot marshmallow crackle cake combines a texture-rich carrot cake with fluffy marshmallow frosting and some crackling brown butter cereal that you'll want to munch on all day. The delicacy is topped with mini marshmallows and caramelized crispy crumbs. Is your mouth watering just yet?

The cake is a creation by the Milk Bar Lab, a wing of the company that drops limited-edition products from its experimental kitchens every so often. (Who can forget the cake that the Lab launched with the one-and-only Mariah Carey during the holidays?)

Carrot marshmallow crackle cake truffles
Photograph: Courtesy of Milk BarCarrot marshmallow crackle cake truffles

There are three other lab exclusives that are available at Milk Bar's Nomad location starting today, including an extra-large creamy New York cheesecake-infused cookie with buttery graham cracker crust, tangy strawberry jam and crunchy milk and graham cracker crumbs. We honestly can't even wrap our heads around that description.

Avid fans of the sweets company will likely love the German chocolate jimbo cake, which is back for a limited time only and is, as usual, packed with layers of crunchy, buttery custard pecan and coconut filling, smooth chocolate frosting and chocolate crumbs for texture.

The third new item on offer at the midtown store is a carrot marshmallow crackle cake truffle—which is a bite-size version of the new eponymous cake created by the Lab. This iteration of the treat is created by rolling pieces of lightly spiced carrot cake that's packed with bits of marshmallow and cream cheese into truffles that are then rolled in a coat of white chocolate and sweet crispy crumbs. Yum.

We know what this might sound like, but we do suggest going ahead and trying every single one of these treats. You only live once, after all.

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