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Washington Square Park in the snow
Photograph: Shutterstock

This video of New Yorkers having a massive snow fight in Washington Square Park will warm your heart

We love New Yorkers.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

For a little reminder of what the city is all about, you're going to want to watch this video of hundreds of New Yorkers enjoying a good old snow ball fight in Washington Square Park on a loop:

The awesome winter "celebration" happened yesterday, after a nearly historical winter storm dropped over a foot of white powder in some parts of the city. Organized by Sidetalk, a group of local youngsters that host Instagram talk shows on the streets of New York, the "event" was caught on video by photographer Cole Mcmanus, who went to the downtown park after noticing the group's Instagram callout.

"Spider Cuz showed up with a megaphone and stood in the middle of the fountain and did a countdown," recalls Mcmanus, mentioning the famous New York character. "There were easily over 100 people in total. It was fun: lots of laughter and good times! It's what New Yorkers needed, to be honest."

As for COVID-19-related concerns, the photographer attests to the fact that "everyone was wearing a mask and gloves, we were outdoors and no one got too close to strangers."

Simply put, the city indulged in some mindless (and very necessary) fun yesterday.

If you're suddenly feeling in the mood for a spontaneous outdoor snow ball fight, we suggest you consult this interactive map tracking New York City snow plows in real time. The tool will also let you know if your street is considered a critical thoroughfare and what the area's "snow removal designation" actually is.

And if all this snow content is just not scratching that itch properly, worry not! Check out our look back (complete with insane photos!) at the six worst blizzards in New York City history

Stay safe, New Yorkers!

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