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You can track NYC snow plows with this interactive map

Find out when your street will be plowed.

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

Anyone else feel like they’ve been stuck in a snow globe for the last two days?

As the snow continues to fall on NYC after snarling traffic and travel yesterday and coating the city in a thick layer of fluffy white snow, there’s a good chance you’ve been looking out your window with a mix of wistful childlike wonder and growing annoyance. Most likely, the balance between those two emotions is being determined by how much your specific street has been plowed (and, of course, by how much you’re required to travel down it.)

If you’ve been watching the snow accumulate and wondering when exactly those plows will get to your corner of the city (or if they're even coming), then here’s a helpful tool. PlowNYC is a constantly updated, interactive map that shows the last time snow vehicles have moved through every street in the city. It also helpfully displays each street’s “snow removal designation” and if it’s considered a critical thoroughfare.

If it’s been a while since your street was cleared, you can rest assured that the city’s working on it! Over 2,000 plows were out around the city yesterday, and they continue to move through the streets today as the snow continues to fall. (Still. Somehow.) Snow totals could possibly top out at 20 inches in some parts of the city once we’ve finally all broken free from our globe prison. (Though if Puxsawtawny Phil can be trusted, we may have quite a few more weeks of snow to look forward to before the winter’s finally over.)

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