You can once again name a roach at the Bronx Zoo for Valentine's Day

Name-a-roach is back and the zoo has "plenty" of roaches to name with thousands in its Madagascar! exhibit.

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Shaye Weaver
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Nothing expresses how you feel like a massive Madagascar hissing cockroach.

The Bronx Zoo is once again offering its Name-a-Roach program, where smitten folks can symbolically name a giant Madagascar hissing roach for their loved one (or after an ex if you're so inclined).

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For a $15 donation, your valentine will receive a printable certificate featuring the name chosen for the roach named in their honor. How romantic! 

Apparently, the zoo has "plenty" of roaches to name with thousands in its Madagascar! exhibit.

New this year, the zoo introduced a plushie roach, a scented roach candle and a special Valentine virtual Bronx Zoo Animal Encounter with a live Madagascar hissing cockroach (wow!) and another animal guest. You can choose your gift at

name a roach madagascar hissing roach
Photograph: Courtesy Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

For some additional context—Madagascar hissing cockroaches are about four inches long and the world’s largest roach species. (They actually do hiss in self-defense.) Luckily, these roaches aren't usually found in homes like our NYC variety.

The Bronx Zoo started the Name-a-Roach program in 2011 and has had thousands of people from around the world name them. The zoo says people have used names inspired by politics, music, movies and more. Just use your imagination to settle on the perfect roach name for you.

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